Why Willow Smith shaved her head

When WWillow Smithillow Smith had a hit single, “Whip My Hair,” at age 11, she went on tour with the song. However, shortly into the tour, the celebuspawn decided she didn’t want to tour anymore and told her father, Will Smith. His response was that she had to finish the tour. In response, she hastily did something that would make sure to ruin the tour.

In Jay-Z’s new “Footnotes of Adnis” video, Will said, “We came downstairs and she had shaved her head bald. She shaved her head bald in the middle of her ‘Whip My Hair’ tour. I was like, ‘Oh, s–t.'”

Rather than tell Willow she should complete her commitment to the tour regardless, Will felt guilty and immediately told her he would never hold her to account again, saying, “I’m looking at that girl and I’m like, ‘Got it. I understand. You will not have this trouble out of me ever again. Let’s go, baby. We can go.”

He decided that emulating his father’s way of parenting him was no longer working for him. He added in the video: “For me, it was that soldier that was pushing and wasn’t paying any attention whatsoever to what was going on emotionally with this beautiful little creature in front of me.”

The Smith family has had their share of parenting troubles over the years. In 2014, Willow’s parents (Will and Jada Pinkett Smith) were under investigation by the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services after a photo of Willow, then 13, snuggling on a bed with a shirtless 20-year-old man, surfaced on the internet.

Willow, now 16, moved out of her parents’ house earlier this year.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Catlady • August 3, 2017 @ 11:30 AM

    Another kid suffering from a hard case of entitlement. OOOOHHHH Daddy was going to make her fulfill her committments, so she threw a temper tantrum and Daddy backed down. Such a hard F***ing life. She moved out at 16…..so are Daddy and Mommy supporting her financially? Or is she supporting herself with her earnings from her hit….you know the one where she short-changed her fans by cancelling the tour because it was too much like work? I can see why both sides would want her to move out…….Mommy and Daddy can’t be bothered to actually “raise” children, and obviously don’t have the energy to enforce discipline, so it is easier for them if she’s gone….also they can claim it isn’t their fault if she ain’t there. Her, at least now she doesn’t even have to pretend to listen to them.

    I’m pretty sure this one will “grow up” to be another Hollywood tragedy of destruction by over-entitlement.

  2. Gareth • August 3, 2017 @ 12:20 PM

    @catlady you could not have put it better. Who the heck is the parent here anyway. Did Will stop and think for a minute that maybe it was his Dad’s way of parenting where is instilled discipline that ensured that he Will turned out to be the huge success he is today despite the odds. But no…. Princess Willow here has every thing she can ask for and still dont want to do are lil hard work (probably about 1% of what Will liely had to do at her age) and he backs down and gives her a free pass. WTF?

  3. Robert Hatfield • August 3, 2017 @ 1:39 PM

    Catlady you hit the nail on the head classic case of Hollywood families she’ll probably soon have her own reality show of how she runs the roost

  4. CDubya • August 3, 2017 @ 2:18 PM

    Wow. Will Smith should have went with his first thoughts and stuck to it. She agreed to a tour and her fans paid money to see her perform and she just got tired of it and didn’t want to do it anymore. MAYBE he should have asked her why she wasted to quit and talked it over and then told her about committing to her agreements, but ultimately he let her walk all over him. She signed contracts and made a commitment and I hope someone files a breach of contract against her and she learns another lesson!

  5. Carla • August 3, 2017 @ 2:49 PM

    Well nice to know that spoiled children are spoiled children everywhere ,if they are not held responsible when they are young they won’t be when they are grown. Doesn’t matter as much for rich kids I guess since they can hang on parents coat tails and bank accounts unlike the real world .

  6. Georgina • August 3, 2017 @ 3:01 PM

    Will is going to realize one day that his kids wanted him to give them discipline. Parents who let their kids do anything they want are terrible parents. You actually have to care about your kids to tell them something they don’t want to hear, like, you have to clean up your room/go visit your grandparents/take care of your little brother etc and not give in when they whine.

  7. A-nony-mouse • August 3, 2017 @ 3:17 PM

    If you can’t be bothered to parent when your kid pushes back at you, you shouldn’t have become a parent in the first place. Your job isn’t to be their best friend or to coddle them. It’s to prepare them to deal with the world at large with realistic expectations and the ability to reason through obstacles, not throw petty temper tantrums and get their way.

  8. Anonymous • August 3, 2017 @ 6:50 PM

    None of us know the actual facts of the situation. She is just a kid and we have no idea what she and her family have been going through. Let’s stop judging based on media tid bits. l would be proud of a parent who cares more about the emotional well-being of his child than her work life, no matter how lucrative and in the media spotlight. l wish them well and pray for much love, joy and peace for the whole family.

  9. Leann • August 7, 2017 @ 7:17 PM

    Contrary to everyone beliefs here I agree with Willow. Having two famous parents doesn’t automatically make a kid who wants to be famous. Seriously, she was 11 years old. Totally entitled to not want to work what equates to much harder than the average American adult. Going on tour, is a lot of work for any adult performer but most especially for an 11 year old who also is required by law to do their schooling at the SAME TIME! I agree with Will for listening to his daughter and backing down. She shaved off her head cause they were not listening to her! Do most people expect Will to back down when….she slits her wrists??? Every parent screws up in some capacity raising their kids-none of you judgmental hypocrites are perfect. Mistakes were made her parents learned from it correcting their course of action. Sorry, but I don’t see a bad kid here, not at all. I’ve known plenty of worse spawn from non famous parents. There are a lot of nasty jealous people out their with their comments and judgement. Pathetic.

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