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Trailer: Nightmare Alley
Nightmare Alley
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Sword Art Online: Progressive - Aria of a Starless NightSword Art Online: Progressive - Aria of a Starless Night
The world's first VR MMORPG, Sword Art Online, is officially launched. But the players suddenly find themselves trapped when the Game Master deprives them of any way to log out. 97 min.
A young man (George MacKay) who believes he's a wolf trapped in a human body is sent to a clinic, where he meets the mysterious Wildcat (Lily-Rose Depp). 1hr 35m
Top Trending Streaming Movies/Series
The Power of the Dog (Netflix)The Power of the Dog (Netflix)
When his brother brings home a new wife (Kirsten Dunst) and her son, Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch), a rancher, torments them until he’s exposed to the possibility of love. Debuts Dec. 1
The Rescue (Disney+)The Rescue (Disney+)
Documentary about a soccer coach and 12 players, aged 11 to 16, who were trapped in a flooded Thailand cave for days in June 2018. Debuts Dec. 3.
Mixtape (Netflix)Mixtape (Netflix)
In 1999, when 12-year-old Beverly (Gemma Brooke Allen) discovers a broken mixtape that her late parents made, she sets out to recover the songs. Debuts Dec. 3.
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Bradley Cooper held at knifepoint while picking up daughter Bradley Cooper held at knifepoint while picking up daughter
Bradley Cooper was taking the subway to pick up his young daughter from school for lunch when he was held up at knifepoint. He told what happened to… more
What to Watch at Home this week What to Watch at Home this week
Check out what to watch on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and more, including The Power of the Dog starring Benedict… more

Featured Interview Neli Kastrinos reveals what it was like to play Sandra Bullock’s little sister in Netflix’s The Unforgivable. The eight-year-old actress tells what her favorite scene was, because it included eating plenty of pancakes, waffles and maple syrup!
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Bradley Cooper threated by knife on subway | 12/02/2021
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