Tribute's Bonnie Laufer talks to Emma Watson about bringing Hermione Granger back to life in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.

B.L. There must have been a comfort level going into the second film but, aside from that, what was the biggest difference for you between the two movies?
E.W. Just the fact that I kind of knew what I was doing because the first one was my first feature film. The second one I knew what I was doing and I knew the cast and crew so that made it more comfortable, which made me a lot more confident.

B.L. How have you evolved since making the films?
E.W. I think I've learned a lot.

B.L. Your character, Hermione, has changed since the first film, too. Tell me about the differences in her.
E.W. She's matured a lot. It was my first feature film and it was her first year at Hogwarts. Now she's kind of settled down a bit, she's not as obsessed about all of the schoolwork as much. It's all good for her.

B.L. Now tell me about the relationship between you and Daniel and Rupert. Not only are you all friendlier in the movie, but also offscreen the relationship seems quite the same.
E.W. We all had a really good time together and we are really good friends.

B.L. What did you guys do to get that bond?
E.W. I don't know -- we just spent so much time together it just kind of happened.

B.L. What was the most fun thing about playing Hermione this time around?
E.W. She's got some really good lines. Hermione always has a mouthful of lines and he doesn't stick to two syllables -- there are always about six.

B.L. Chris Columbus has said that he won't be directing the next film. What makes him such a special director and what will you miss most abut him?
E.W. He is one of the nicest guys. He is really funny and it's also one of the nicest sets to be on. Everyone is so nice on set and he's such a nice director it feels like he's in there with you. It's not like he's just standing at the monitor and screaming cut and stuff. He's really helpful. I think I wouldn't have been able to so it if I didn't have a guy like him starting me off because he's just such a good director.

B.L. Was there anything special that you had to do to keep your energy level up during the filming?
E.W. Yes! Before every take, Chris would say "go sprint." So I would literally have to run or do star jumps and stuff just to get excited because we could get really tired.

B.L. The last few years have been truly amazing for you and I'm sure your life has completely changed. What's the thing that surprises you the most about show business or what's happened to you?
E.W. If you had said to me before the first film that I'd have people coming up and asking for my autograph I would have said, yeah whatever! I completely don't believe you. But, it does happen and that's probably the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me.

B.L. I'm sure all of you are very excited about shooting the third film, what would you like to see Hermione doing before it's all over?
E.W. What I would really like to see is Hermione play Quidditch before the end of the books. Please??? I think playing Quidditch would be really cool.

B.L. Where would you like to see yourself going after Harry Potter is all said and done?
E.W. I think that I would like to continue acting but I'm just going to go with the flow and see what happens.