Tribute's Bonnie Laufer talks to 007 himself, Pierce Brosnan, about bringing Bond back to the big screen in Die Another Day.

B.L. Your fourth kick at the can and nobody does it better. You really have outdone yourself here.
P.B. Thanks so much for saying so.

B.L How was making Die Another Day different for you and how have you grown into Bond's skin?
P.B. Well you know, the mantra that I used for this one was just don't try so much, stop acting and just be the guy. You know you've done it for three movies before and sometimes the old acting gets in the way or I over-analyze it and I over-think it and it's pretty simple really. I kind of came to it with that attitude of leaving myself alone and enjoying it. I think that there is more of a comfort zone that you see. Also, the storytelling on this one works in the beginning where he is incarcerated, brutalized, tortured - it was a wonderful departure.

B.L. Is it still fun for you?
P.B. I love doing it. I love to work. Talking about it is just a pain in the neck. Doing this is killing me! I'm sorry but, as lovely as you are, Bonnie, this publicity thing kind of gets to me! But, it has to be done. I guess it's not all that bad. If you put six or seven months behind a picture you want to go out and bang the drum as loudly as possible. I love making these films and being part of this legacy is a great honor. I'm really proud.

B.L. I love the scenes with the Aston Martin Vanquish, how cool was that? You have a Vanquish I understand.
P.B. I'm shameless, I asked for one!

B.L. Why is it such a great Bond car?
P.B. This is a beautiful vehicle; it's a work of art. Just the lines on this car and the engine in it are phenomenal. I go up to 90 and drop it down into second and then pick it up to 150 before you know it. It's a beautiful vehicle and it's been missed. I mean, where is Bond without his Aston Martin?

B.L. Halle Berry.. Why did she make such a great Bond girl and what was it like to work with her?
P.B. She's a great Bond girl because she's a great actress. Her character is someone who you can play with great panache and intelligence. And Halle has sensuality and she has an awareness of her sensuality and sexuality and there is playfulness with that. She also has a great heart.

B.L. You've said okay to doing at least one more Bond movie. What would you like to see for 007, what are you looking forward to?
P.B. Heavens, I can't even go there. Really, let's get this one out there and make it bold and strong and a winner.

B.L. So, from the mouth of James Bond, why should people come out and see Die Another Day?
P.B. Because it's a great night out at the cinema, and hopefully you'll want to go a second night!