Tribute's Bonnie Laufer asks Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, the stars of Shanghai Knights, a few buddy questions.

B.L. Since Shanghai Knights is a buddy movie, I'm going to ask you both a couple of questions about being buddies.
J.C & O.W. Sounds good!

B.L. Jackie, I am assuming you are the best fighter between the two of you.
J.C. Yeah.
O.W. Jackie is definitely the best fighter.

B.L. So, who's the best lover?
O.W. The best lover... I don't know. Jackie can sing and dance and stuff so he probably wins that category.
J.C. But you can write... no, I think Owen is way more romantic.

B.L. Sounds like a tie on that one. Who is smarter?
O.W. I would say .. are you talking about our characters or in real life?

B.L. Real life!
O.W. Yikes, that's hard.
J.C. I am!
O.W. I have to agree, probably Jackie is a little smarter.

B.L. Who's the best actor?
O.W. Best actor... I think we are both good.
J.C. No one thinks I'm a good actor. Everybody always tells me that I'm a very good action hero, but I think I can pull off these movies so I guess I am a good actor.
O.W. Especially when he has to do scenes with no fighting, he can really act.

B.L. Who's funnier?
O.W. We are both very different in our comedic styles. People say that Jackie relies more on the action and I do more of the comedy stuff, but really we kind of play off each other and we find the same things that are funny for a particular scene.

B.L. So that one is a tie too. Okay, who is the best looking?
O.W. Best looking, wow! I guess it just depends if you like blonde or brunettes.
J.C. (laughing) It depends if you like Caucasian or Asian!

B.L Who is the biggest smart aleck?
O.W. I think that we are both pretty polite but I got into a lot of trouble as a kid. Jackie, did you get into a lot of trouble as a kid?
J.C. Oh yes. I never gave my parents a moment's rest.
O.W. Looks like in most of the categories we tied!

B.L. That's a good thing. Owen, you and your brother Luke both have movies coming out within a week or so of each other. He in Old School and you of course, in Shanghai Knights. How do you feel about a little healthy fraternal box office competition ?
O.W. (laughing) Bring it on, baby!! No really, we couldn't be happier for each other. Luke and I are pals and this is quite coincidental for us. It's funny, I saw a preview for his movie and the audience seemed to love it. So it looks like it's funny, cause I remember loving Animal House, which was a big fraternity movie, so hopefully it can have some of that humor.

B.L. Plus, they are two different movies geared to different audiences.
O.W. Yeah, ours is a bit more family oriented I think.

B.L. Jackie, I especially think that a lot of the fight scenes are funny and would appeal to little kids and older folks. Did you have that in mind when you were choreographing those scenes?
J.C. Yes, when I choreograph my moves I am always thinking about stuff like that. I have to make sure it will be good for everybody and not just an American market. It has to attract North American kids as well as Japanese kids. I don't want to make it violent, I try to keep it happy-go-lucky so no one is offended. Especially with Shanghai Knights it was a lot of fun having the movie set in the 1800s -- I could use a lot of old-fashioned ideas to incorporate into the scenes.