Tribute's Bonnie Laufer talks to Hilary Duff, co-star of the hot new family adventure film, Agent Cody Banks.

B.L. Agent Cody Banks is very different for you than what we are used to seeing on your TV show Lizzie McGuire. What was it when you read the script that made you decide you wanted to be in the movie?
H.D. I think that the character was so different from Lizzie McGuire -- I really liked that. Still, she was a cool and popular girl, but she was really nice and friendly. Even though I didn't get to be an agent in it, there was still a lot of action. She was pretty feisty when she got kidnapped, so that was fun too.

B.L. Did you relate to your character Natalie at all?
H.D. It's hard because she goes to regular school and is very academic and is very involved in school and I have a tutor who I go everywhere with. So I don't know if our characters are too much alike but she was very cool and very popular in school and she was confident and independent. She also didn't have a mom so she kind of ran the household and took care of her dad.

B.L. What did you like best about playing this character?
H.D. I liked that even though she has a lot in life she's still very nice. She's just a cool nice girl.

B.L. You did know Frankie before you started making the film so it made it a bit more comfortable, but how did you guys develop your relationship?
H.D.I just think that Frankie and I work together really well. It wasn't difficult at all because we didn't have to get to know each other. I actually met Frankie when he was doing the pilot of Malcolm in the Middle so we've known each other for a while so we worked really well together.

B.L. Did you and Frankie goof off a lot off the set?
H.D Definitely! He always likes to talk about his car, so we talked about cars a lot actually.

B.L. What did you enjoy most about making Agent Cody Banks?
H.D. It was definitely a great learning experience because I learned a lot about how they make action films and using special effects. There were huge explosions and high tech gadgets, so that was the coolest part. Plus we shot a lot of the movie in Vancouver, Canada, which I really loved!

B.L. Do you find making movies a lot different than working on your TV show, Lizzie McGuire?
H.D. The process is a lot different. When you are working on a TV show everything goes really fast. You might do four scenes a day and then you do hair and makeup and then you have wardrobe fittings and then you go to school. Then when you do a movie it's slow, you might only do one or two scenes a day and there's a lot of sitting around and waiting. But I think that the product of a movie is better than TV.

B.L. Your success over the last couple of years is unbelievable. Lizzie McGuire is such a great family show and is so popular with kids. How hard has it been adjusting to the success in your life?
H.D. I wasn't ready for it at all. The show came on and I hadn't done too much before that. I think that a lot of people related to it because there is so much in it for everyone, including adults. It did change when it came to going out places and getting recognized. I do like it though, it's nice to know that people like the show but also it makes it a little harder. For instance if I've worked all day and I feel like stuffing my face at a restaurant, I have to sit up straight or something, I kind of have to be on my guard but it's okay.

B.L. You have a Lizzie McGuire movie coming out; can you tell us a bit about it?
H.D. It comes out May 2nd in theaters and actually there are four more episodes of Lizzie McGuire that no one has seen yet. It shows us leaving middle school and the movie picks up when we graduate and then our class takes a trip to Rome together. So there's tons of adventure and Lizzie McGuire actually gets mistaken for an Italian rock star. It was really fun and I get to sing and perform in it. Plus there are a lot of people from the TV show in it as well.

B.L. I'm sure all kinds of movie scripts come your way. What do you look for when you get one?
H.D. I definitely want to branch out and do something different than Lizzie McGuire even though it's a cool character and something different from Natalie in Agent Cody Banks. I have an album coming out in August or September and that's going to be really cool fun music that's not really pop or rock, it's kind of in between. I am also doing a movie this summer that's kind of a Cinderella story but it's for a little bit older audience. It's a bit of a plain Jane part and no one has ever seen me like that before and she has to deal with her dad dying and the awful family environment that she is growing up in. Then she has a metamorphosis and changes so I am really looking forward to that challenge.

B.L Why do you thinks kids should see Agent Cody Banks?
H.D. If they like action, it's totally action-packed and also there is a different side of Frankie from Malcolm in the Middle and it's a totally different character than Lizzie McGuire so it's really cool. Plus, there are not that many teenage or kid action heroes so those may be some good reasons.