Tribute's Bonnie Laufer talks to funny man Jim Carrey about his new comedy, Bruce Almighty.

B.L. Jim, here you are a Torontonian and playing a guy who lives in Buffalo. All I want to know is, where was anchorman Irv Weinstein in this movie?
J.C. (laughing) Yeah, good ol' Irv Weinstein, didn't you used to watch Eye Witness news all the time?

B.L. Of course, it was a mainstay in almost every household if you grew up in Toronto.
J.C. I really wanted Irv in the movie for a cameo, but he's moved to San Francisco or something. Do you know where your children are? Do you remember that?

B.L. Yes!
J.C. Do you remember how scary that was? At eleven o'clock that deep voiced guy would come on and say, "It's eleven o'clock; do you know where your children are?" It's like, whoa man!

B.L. I personally love you in all of the dramatic films you've made over the years, but now you are back doing a comedy! Why this script?
J.C.I have nothing against comedy, I love comedy. I love to think funny and spend the whole day going how can we just make people laugh, it's a great thing to do.

B.L. There's certainly nothing wrong with that and you have proven time and time again you do it very well!
J.C. Thanks, Bonnie. With Bruce Almighty for me it was mainly re-teaming with Tom Shadyac and Steve Oedekirk again. The old team and the idea of sitting in a room instead of waiting for things to come to you, we were sitting in a room like I did with Ace and taking a script where I might be very interested in the concept of and going from page one and going, "Okay, let's just have a blast with this thing." That was it for me, being creative and being in the creative process again.

B.L. Something tells me that you can relate a whole lot to your character Bruce.
J.C. Yeah, I think everybody who can relate to the idea of having a banquet in front of you and not appreciating it, you know?

B.L. Do you think we all take too much for granted?
J.C. Everybody gets to a point in their life where they're unhappy with what they've got or what they've been given and they go to God, "Why did you do this? Why are you holding this back from me, this one thing that will make me happy!" I think the real truth is at that point anybody, or most people if they sat down and looked at the blessings they had in their life they would go, "I'm okay, I'm all right. I'm doing good." So this is what this guy is, he's the guy who isn't grateful for this amazing life that he's been given. This beautiful woman and an amazing job where he gets to make people happy. That's a parallel for me as well.

B.L. How many screaming matches have you personally had with God?
J.C. Many! Too many to count, actually. I believe you can't really be friends with someone unless you scream at them sooner or later.

B.L. I can't think of a finer God than Morgan Freeman. What was it like working with him?
J.C. Fantastic. So good, I mean talk about credibility or something. He just lifts everything to another level of reality. He had a lot of fun and he stripped away at all that serious quality that he has. He had that, but he also could do the clap on clap off song and joke about Gandi or whatever. He messed with my head all the time and he was just willing to go anywhere. He was willing to be silly and that's what you've got to do. To do comedy you can't have ego, the ego's got to go out the window and he was ready for it. Totally ready for it.

B.L. Jim, I have a beef to pick with you as a fellow Torontonian.
J.C. Uh-oh, what's coming?

B.L. Jim, the Buffalo Sabres? What was that about having them win the Stanley Cup in the movie? Come on!!!
J.C.( laughing) Ha ha, I know I'm going to get some flack from Toronto!
Absolutely, I'm going to get some flack from Maple Leaf fans. I've been a Maple Leaf fan my whole life but it just didn't work for the story. Secretly, at least I had the Leafs on the TV, they did beat Buffalo.

B.L. And I was the only one at the screening who cheered!
J.C. Yeah, right. They did beat Buffalo in the game, so I'm doing it in my own little way here guys, but don't worry, I am still definitely a fan of the Leafs.