Tribute's Bonnie Laufer chats with the lovely Kate Hudson about her new romantic comedy, Alex and Emma.

B.L. Kate, you never cease to amaze me, boy, are you good in this movie.
K.H. (laughs) All right, thanks so much for saying that.

B.L. This script must have been a gift from God. When you first read it, what did you think?
K.H. I thought it was great and I thought it was smart and different. I get a lot of questions like, romantic comedy, is that your thing now? No, it's fresh movies and new ideas, that's what I want to do. Great characters and things that can really challenge me, and this one had that written all over it. I got to play five characters, it's so original and I just loved it.

B.L. One of the things I loved about it is that it is so much like a play; it's really just you and Luke Wilson.
K.H. It's really us; it's literally the two of us. If you don't like us then don't come and see the movie. The great thing is that we have known each other for so long we were so comfortable with each other. Even when we were uncomfortable in the movie we have this familiarity with each other. We really tried to make the other person feel good and be there for them so it fun.

B.L. When you are good friends with somebody, you don't always know that when you work with them that the chemistry is going to be there, but it really did work for the two of you.
K.H. I have to say that for this movie, I remember when Rob Reiner (the director) said to me, "I've had a few meetings with Luke Wilson I really like that guy." I was immediately like, "I love Luke, I've known him forever" and Rob was saying, "Yeah, I think it's going to work out." I thought about it and I was like I don't think that there could be better casting only because the relationship between us becomes real. It's about a real connection. It's not just about, "Oh kiss me," which is fun to see because I have done that kind of thing too, but this is really about getting to know two people. And because we have known each other I think it really helped with the feeling of the movie.

B.L. As you mentioned, you play five characters in the film. Who was your favorite character to play?
K.H. Elsa.

B.L. Why?
K.H. Because I just think that she is hysterical. First of all I'm Jewish, and The Producers and Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks are my favorites. So realizing that I get to play a German character I was in heaven. I wanted to learn the German accent perfectly and Cloris Leachman is in the movie, so to me this was my ode to Cloris, which was so great. So she was definitely my favorite. I had back stories of Elsa and the second I got in to the character with the red hair, the whole thing was just so much fun. I love looking goofy and Elsa was probably the goofiest with all that make-up.

B.L What was the best thing about having Rob Reiner as your director?
K.H. His smarts! He is so intelligent and he is such a smart guy. He is also so boisterous and energetic and funny. He makes me laugh all the time, but most importantly I learned a lot from Rob. I learned a lot about making movies and the way he makes movies, but I also learned a lot about politics. I really loved listening to him and I loved hearing his ideas and his passion. He is very passionate about our country and our world and the things that are happening around us. So it made for a very interesting set that wasn't just about us making movies. It was about the world and things that are going on and it was great.

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