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Born: February 27, 1966


Date of Birth: February 27, 1966

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Donal Logue grew up in El Centro, California. He was ASB president at his local high school, and went on to attend Harvard. Although he had always considered himself a writer, his interest in theater was sparked at university.

He then studied at the British-American Drama Academy in London and performed in many plays before getting his break in the film Sneakers. From there he went on to perform in movies such as Little Women, An Eye for an Eye, Disclosure and Jerry Maguire.

Donal has also been a regular on two television series: Medicine Ball on Fox and Public Morals on CBS - both ill-fated. He has appeared in numerous other television dramas. including Northern Exposure, a recurring role in The Single Guy and The X-Files.

He is probably best known for his creation and portrayal of a oleaginous Boston-Irish motormouth, Jimmy McBride, in the MTV Cabdriver. Introduced in June 1994, Jimmy McBride's rabid, misinformed interpretations of the station's heavy-rotation videos are punctuated by cutaways to bored/irritated passengers in the back seat of his taxi. These ad-length outbursts (edited from hours of improvisation) are, of course, usually followed by business-as-usual displays of the same overblown egos that Jimmy has just deflated.

Donal admits he sometimes enjoys writing almost more than acting. He wrote the Jimmy the cab driver promos. "With acting, you gotta wait until someone gives you a role in a play or movie," says Logue. "With writing, you're not dependent on others, you don't have to wait. You can sit down and just create." He has also written for National Lampoon magazine.

But Donal returns again and again to film, playing chracters that range from a goon who gets his arm ripped off in Blade (1998) to a priest in Runaway Bride (1999). In 2000, he appeared in no less than seven films, including The Million Dollar Hotel, the thriller Reindeer Games and The Patriot with Mel Gibson.

In 2001 he landed a regular role as the father of three on the Fox Network's series Grounded for Life, which switched to the WB the following season and ran for five seasons. Since the show ended, he's played roles in major feature films such as Ghost Rider (2007) with Nicolas Cage, Zodiac (2007) with Jake Gyllenhaal, Max Payne with Mark Wahlberg and Charlie St. Cloud with Zac Efron. He returned to television in 2010 with a regular role in the comedy crime drama Terriers and is currently starring as Harvey Bullock in the Fox Crime Drama series Gotham (2014 to present).

Donal lives in New York City with his wife, Kasey Walker, and their two sons, Finn and Arlo.

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