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Bob Dolman

Bob Dolman started his career as a writer for the hit sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati in the 1970s. From there he moved on to writing for the hit Canadian comedy series, SCTV. In 1980, Dolman married SCTV performer Andrea Martin in 1980, and they had two sons, Joe (b. 1983) and Jack (b. 1981), but the couple later divorced. In 1982 he won an Emmy award for his work on SCTV.

Dolman's first foray into big screen work came with the screenplay for the fantasy movie Willow (1988), directed by Ron Howard. In 1992, Dolman not only wrote the screenplay for another Ron Howard film, Far and Away, but also produced and had a small acting role in the film as "Honest Bob."

Dolman made his directorial debut with The Banger Sisters (2002) starring Susan Sarandon and Goldie Hawn, for which he also penned the screenplay.

Dolman, who was raised on Vancouver Island, has two sons from his marriage to Second City actress Andrea Martin. His sister, Nancy, is married to fellow Canadian (and Second City alumnus) Martin Short.

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