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Bridget Fonda

Date of Birth: January 27, 1964

Growing up in L.A. and Montana as the daughter of Peter Fonda, granddaughter of Henry and niece of Jane, Bridget's childhood was not exactly uptight. She made her first film, Aria , at 23; she had only one scene, but she made an impression by stripping off her clothes, having sex, and killing herself before it was over.

The following year, the confident, honey-haired actress won the respect of critics for her supporting role as call girl Mandy Rice Davies in the British-made Scandal. Her resume of films and performances was so impressive that when Cameron Crowe wrote the movie Singles (1992), he had Bridget in mind.

She acquired star status as the lithe assassin in Point of No Return, and her recent offerings which includes Touch , Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown , and the thriller A Simple Plan , have done nothing but add to her status.

At one time, Bridget seems to be reluctant about walking down the aisle. Never married, she lived with actor/director Lee Drysdale between 1986 and 1989, actor/producer Eric Stoltz between 1990 and 1998, and then dated singer/actor Dwight Yoakam. But in 2003, her publicist announced Fonda's engagement to composer Danny Elfman.

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