Bruce Payne biography

Bruce Payne

Birth Name: Bruce Martyn Payne

Date of Birth: November 22, 1958

A native of London, England, Payne grew up in Kilburn (North London). Tragedy struck early when at 16, he was forced to face a two-year ordeal with Spina-Bifida. Although surgery saved his life, he remained on his back for more than a year to allow it to heal. The whole ordeal left him behind in his studies, but the experience developed in him a need to learn.

Obsessed with the finer points of editing German and Japanese films as well as sneaking onto the film sets of Shepperton Studios, Payne decided to attend the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Surprisingly, with little experience he was accepted into the prestigious school where he studied acting for the next three years.

During his schooling at RADA, Payne would make appearances on both stage and in television. Some of his credits included Smart Money, The Bell Run, Miss Marple and a starring role in the biography of Oscar Wilde. Payne believes his success in auditions is due to his intense study of the source material as well as the director.

Virtually unknown to audiences across the pond, Payne was first introduced in the 1992 action thriller, Passenger 57. Payne played the violent, yet smooth terrorist who rivaled Wesley Snipes' security expert.

Continuing his work in television, Payne starred in the HBO feature Full Eclipse and the Sci-Fi Channel Original movie Ravager. He also has had a recurring role as Jurgen, a special operative with a unique relationship to Section One on the hit USA Network show, La Femme Nikita.

Payne's extensive film credits include many fantasy and action adventures such as For Queen and Country (1989), Howling VI (1991), Sweepers (1999), and Warlock III (1999). He continued this genre trend into the new millennium playing the villain against Christopher Lambert in Highlander: Endgame (2000) and with Jeremy Irons in Dungeons & Dragons (2000).

Bruce Payne Filmography


  • Victor Young Perez (2014)
  • Steal (2003)
  • Ripper: Letter From Hell (2001)
  • Dungeons & Dragons (2000)
  • Highlander: Endgame (2000)
  • Sweepers (1999)
  • Warlock III: The End of Innocence (1999) (V)
  • No Contest II (1997)
  • Ravager (1997)
  • Kounterfeit (1996)
  • Aurora: Operation Intercept (1995)
  • One Tough Bastard (1995)
  • Necronomicon (1994)
  • Passenger 57 (1992)
  • Howling VI: The Freaks (1991)
  • Pyrates (1991)
  • Switch (1991)
  • For Queen and Country (1989)
  • Zwei Frauen (1989)
  • Smart Money (1988)
  • The Fruit Machine (1988)
  • Absolute Beginners (1986)
  • Solarbabies (1986)
  • Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire (1985)
  • Oxford Blues (1984)
  • The Keep (1983)
  • Privates on Parade (1982)

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