Joseph Kosinski biography

Joseph Kosinski

Date of Birth: May 3, 1974

Joseph Kosinski was initially known as a television commercial director, especially in the gaming industry for his Halo 3 "Starry Night" commercial as well as for his "Mad World" commercial for Gears of War. Many accolades followed this, definining him as one of the best visual directors.

In 2006, Kosinski moved to Los Angeles and began writing a story called "Oblivion." His story has been picked up by Radical Pictures to be developed into a film. Kosinski also has a background in architecture and is currently an assistant professor teaching students 3D and graphics. In 2010, he made his big screen directorial debut with the highly anticipated TRON: Legacy (2010). He would then go on to direct Oblivion (2013) and more recently, Only the Brave (2017).

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