J.S. Cardone biography

J.S. Cardone

Hailing from Los Angeles, Cardone attended Northern Arizona University, and graduated with a B.A. in political science.

He started off his career as a writer and director on a number of television, stage and film productions.

His first feature film break came in 1982 when he directed The Slayer, serving as producer for the film as well.

With the experience of that first film under his belt, Cardone went on to direct his next script, Thunder Alley. During the '90s, he wrote and directed four more of his own scripts including one telefilm, Shadowhunter in 1993.

Married to producer Carol Kottenbrook, who has collaborated with him on most of his projects, Cardone lives in the wilds of Arizona.

J.S. Cardone Filmography



  • True Blue (2001)
  • Outside Ozona (1998)
  • Exit in Red (1996)
  • Black Day Blue Night (1995)
  • A Climate for Killing (1991)
  • Crash and Burn (1990) (V)
  • Shadowzone (1990)
  • Thunder Alley (1985)

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