Lindze Letherman biography

Lindze Letherman

Date of Birth: November 2, 1988

California native Lindze Letherman made her television debut at the age of 10 on an episode of the short-lived television series Jenny. Shortly after, she landed another guest role, this time on an episode of Family Matters, as well as a small role in the television movie Toothless, starring Kirstie Alley. The following year, she landed a guest appearance on the TV show Suddenly Susan. Her feature film debut came shortly afterwards with a sizeable role in Bicentennial Man (1999), starring Robin Williams. Not one to stand still and wait for work, Letherman returned to television for more guest roles, this time on the series Passions, Seven Days and 18 Wheels of Justice. In 2002 she returned to the big screen to play the lead character's little sister in Clockstoppers.

Her first starring feature film role came playing the title role in Virginia's Run (2002), the story of a girl who is an avid equestrian. Letherman was so eager to get the role that once she realized she was being considered for the role, she talked her parents into allowing her to have horseback riding lessons, and shortly after, they bought her a horse. This impressed the producers and the spunky little girl got the job. Letherman now has two horses and rides almost daily. She also has a dog that she adopted while on the set of one of her films when she found out it was a stray.

Letherman has also appeared on stage in professional productions of A Christmas Carol and The Sound of Music. She has a recurring role on the daytime soap opera General Hospital as Georgie Jones.

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