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Haines directs Dance With Me (aka Shut Up and Dance and Just Dance With Me). Whatever the ultimate title, the subject matter will be totally immersive, just as Haines' other films have been.

Haines' Children of a Lesser God mesmerized audiences as William Hurt struggled to communicate with a deaf girl played by Marlee Matlin. His Wrestling Hemingway (1993) enveloped viewers as Robert Duvall and Richard Harris did an intellectual version of Grumpy Old Men, this time set in the seedy, sticky heat of Miami. Sandra Bullock and Shirley McLaine rounded out the cast as the young love interest and the prickly landlady.

In Dance With Me, Haines directs more top talent, with lead actor, Chayanne, making his crossover from Latino singing star to the hottest film dancer this side of Antonio Banderas.

Randa Haines has earned awards from the American Film Institute and the Locarno International Film Festival.

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