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Vincent Perez

Date of Birth: June 10, 1962

Vincent Perez was born in Lausanne, Switzerland to a German and Spaniard. His father wanted him to study business, but he was drawn to the acting world and with the encouragement of his mother, he left Switzerland and moved to France when he was eighteen. There he studied the art of acting at the prestigious Paris Conservatoire and completed his training at L'Ecole des Amandiers. During his studies, he landed roles in Gardien de Nuit (1986) and La Maison De Jade (1988).

In 1990, he gained worldwide recognition when he co-starred with Gérard Depardieu in the phenomenally successful Cyrano De Bergerac . Two years later he received the Prix Jean Gabin award and made his directorial debut with the film L'Exchange. He went on to star in the 1993 Oscar winner Indochine (1992), set amid the turbulence between the French and the Vietnamese in 1930, and gave him one of his best roles to date; Fanfan (1993) and the 1994 Cannes prize-winning La Reine Margot.

In 1996 Vincent made his American film debut playing the lead character, Ashe Corven in The Crow sequel, City Of Angels . Although the film wasn't the best starting point for Vincent to showcase his talent to the American public, he continued his efforts, releasing Talk Of Angels , a small-scale period romance set in 1920's Spain, two years later.

Still finding himself in the shadows of the American public eye, Vincent focused much of his time on creating more films on the other side of the pond. Strong performances in Le Bossu (1997) and Ceux Qui M'aiment Prendront le Train (1998), kept his name alive in the French cinemas.

At the start of the new millennium, Vincent returned to the American market, completing a number of films including I Dreamed Of Africa (2000) opposite Kim Basinger, The Bride of the Wind (2001) and The Queen of the Damned (2002) alongside the late singer, Aaliyah.

More recently, Vincent took on the role of famous explorer Jacques Cartier in the historical story Hocehelaga: Land of Souls (2018), directed by Quebecois François Girard. He also plays Pierre Rennes in The Aeronauts (2019), starring Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne.

Married to model/actress Karine Sylla since 1998, the two raised Sylla's daughter, Roxanne, by actor Gerald Depardieu, until adulthood, and are currently raising their own three children: a daughter named Iman and twins named Pablo and Inès.

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