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Current Rating: 4.29

Current Rating: 4.29

based on 300 votes and 81 reviews

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  • 2 stars One of the most unpleasant movie experiences I have endured in a long, long time. The violence depicted is so gratuitous omnipresent, and aggressive that I began feeling like a slave myself. I should have left, but in the hope of finding some redeeming features - the acting was decent - I regrettably didn't.
  • 1 stars So much unnecessary brutality. As usual Brad Pitt saves the dat,so to speak, gets his "humanitarianism" from AJ and with equal transparency. Pitts appearance just made the movie longer. Very disappointing flick
  • 1 stars Not very well streamlined. Brad Pitt a bit of an injected messiah and movie too long and brutally savage
  • 3 stars Perspective of a male psychologist: 98 on RT and a rare 5 stars on Tribute? How could it go wrong. First surprise, the theater was almost empty. The film is simple: 5 minutes of a happy family in New York; then 2 hours of unspeakiable brutality in the middle as demon-possessed men and women abuse their slaves in every way possible. No character development, evil remains evil; the slaves try to survive in an impossible world. Brad Pitt's arrival at the end and the eventual release happen so quickly and seem so random that there is no satisfaction, no resolution. Spectacular acting without doubt, but what are you left
  • 5 stars "I will not give into despair!" A powerful message by Solomon Northup that allows him to deal with the evil brutality for 12 long years until he gains his rightly deserved freedom. This movie is a must see for all! The cinematography that focused on the beauty of nature in McQueen's signature still shots powerfully contrasts the inhumanity that took place on the plantations day in and day out. The acting, directing, and cinematography combined cements this movie as a work of art for generations.
  • 2 stars great story but was too slow movie. some scenes were unnecessarily long!
  • This movie typifies how the filmmakers are pushing the envelope more on graphic violence. it gives you yet another example how sick americans are. I had to cover my eyes on some scenes. people were leaving the cinema in disgust at the beatings. whats next in graphic violence beheadings stop this crap please.
  • 4 stars Very good but some scenes were too long for effect I suspect, but instead I would like to have known more about the Canadian connection - which was brief at best. Therefore this another movie that while historically important the links to Canada and so on were only briefly highlighted.
  • 5 stars a powerful & moving film that reminds us that this could happen to anyone & still does
  • This true story of a formerly free man sold into bondage makes for harrowing,unforgetable viewing.Chiwitel Ejiofor and Director Steve McQueen(Hunger,Shame) offer one of the best movies of the year and it is bound to be remembered at Oscar time.

12 Years a Slave

Genre:  Drama
Running Time:  133 min.
Release Date: October 18, 2013 - Toronto -
Other cities to follow

DVD: March 4, 2014

Current rating: Rating: 4.29
based on 300 votes and 81 reviews
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Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Dano, Sarah Paulson, Alfre Woodard, Paul Giamatti, Lupita Nyong'o, Storm Reid

Inspiration: Solomon Northup