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Current Rating: 3.07

Current Rating: 3.07

based on 520 votes and 22 reviews

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  • All this movie did for me was wish i could go back in time and tell myself not to watch this movie.
  • This movie was one I was looking forward to seeing - ever since having read all about complexity theory at age 13. And what do I have to say about it? BIG disappointment - mediocre at BEST. The problem was not in the execution nor in the premise - but the content. It felt like them dumbed the whole idea down for a 5 year old, or someone who`s lived in a cave since they were 3 at the very least. Action top notch - thought provoking? Hardly. If you`re going to make a movie about something as think-tanky as complexity/chaos theory, then at least add a better premise into the thought part of it than "Duh the big lego peice attached to the
  • This had to be one of the worst movies I`ve ever seen, no the worst. This movie is a career ruiner. I`d be concerned if I was the studio that released this movie. It was so boring, and cheesy, shame, shame.
  • a little more attention to detail would have been nice... or any at all
  • THe movie wasn`t visually great but it was interesting to see the evolution effected by the time safari people. Interesting concept. Unlike movies now a days, the plot was better then the visual...
  • the sound of thunder is so stuipd boring movie
  • A great read, a so-so movie needing help on all fronts - mistake to embellish the original tale`s simplicity with unspecial effects and needless monster crisis - short story was great in its simplicity and subtlety, which this made-on-a-Mac production lacks throughout.
  • The movie was so cheesy I`m surprised they didn`t have lasers shooting out of their eyeballs. Honest to god worst movie I`ve seen this year.
  • It was an OK movie. Good, but not great. I thought it had a "made for TV" production quality to it. I have to agree with the reviewer that said "it looked like they were in a studio with a film being played behind them" when they were on the streets in Chicago. It was obviously superimposed. Bottom line - it could have been made better.
  • the movie seemed to be promising since it was done after a short story writtne by Ray Bradbury, but it was terrible. the visual effect at some point in the movie were very bad, and the lines in the dialogue were just so typical for that kind of movie. Not worth spending money on, not even as a rental...

A Sound of Thunder

Genre:  Thriller
Running Time:  100 min.
Release Date: September 2, 2005
DVD: March 28, 2006

Current rating: Rating: 3.07
based on 520 votes and 22 reviews
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Cast: Edward Burns, Catherine McCormack, Ben Kingsley, Jemima Rooper, David Oyelowo