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Current Rating: 3.27

Current Rating: 3.27

based on 377 votes and 24 reviews

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  • I definitely enjoyed this movie, and I think Sean Penn`s performance is certainly Oscar worthy.
  • It is hard to imagine a more boring movie - but trying to do so would be a good cure for insomnia
  • Penn was great but the rest of the charachters had me falling asleep. I like movies that make you think, but this was dull
  • For all those people who thought this movie was boring are obviously more into films with senseless killing and violence. This movie was a masterpiece from beginning to end. Sean Penn deserves an Oscar!!! BEST FILM I`VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!!
  • Did anyone elce notice that you could see the microphones hanging above the actors heads in EVERY scene???!!! It was so distracting I could hardly pay attention to the movie. (and when I the mic`s weren`t hanging I couldn`t understand what they were saying anyway) .5 out of 100 from me.
  • I kept telling myself it was going to get better....never did. Worst movie of the year
  • Talk about a sleeper, a group of people walked out of the show half way through, I almosted went with them, but the people I was with were sleeping and I did not want to wake them. I would give this film a 2 maybe out of 10.
  • I walked out of this movie after an hour and half. I had never walked out of a movie before. I really did not care/was not interested in what happened to any of the characters in the end. Even more than the $10.40 I paid to endure this torture, I wish I could get the hour and half back - I could have painted something and watched it dry...and been more entertained.
  • I had high expectations for this picture,with the great cast and all but came away somewhat disappointed. It was good but not great. Anthony Hopkins was a scene stealer.

All the King's Men

Genre:  Drama
Running Time:  125 min.
Release Date: September 22, 2006
DVD: December 19, 2006

Current rating: Rating: 3.27
based on 377 votes and 24 reviews
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Cast: Sean Penn, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Patricia Clarkson, James Gandolfini, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Hopkins, Jackie Earle Haley