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Current Rating: 3.03

Current Rating: 3.03

based on 222 votes and 72 reviews

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  • 1 stars Don't waste your money ! ! ! Drags for the first 30 minutes and goes downhill thereafter. Imagine a woman being dragged into the water by a giant alligator, flipped back and forth a few times only to escape without a scratch. . . . and the gator has a monstrous mouth and giant teeth. . . and not a scratch afterwards. . . I did the only reasonable thing. . . I walked out ! ! !
  • 5 stars Brilliant, works on so many levels. The most psychedelic film I've seen. The whole movie appears to be a metaphor for a heavy mushroom or acid trip.
  • 1 stars To say this is the worst movie ever is an insult to the worst movies ever. It's better than that but definitely not by much. The casting is terrible. Not one single actor is believable or even interesting. Nothing is created to keep your attention with any of their acting abilities or their character development. The story, though alien based and therefore a certain level of "Suspension of Disbelief" is required, is just terrible. A five women team of "experts", all with obvious psychological issues (established immediately through open discussion about those issues...Literally 5 minutes of them becoming a team!) would NEVER have been selected to investigate this ridiculous situation. It makes you shake your head dozens of times as they make their way through to the conclusion. Nothing makes you feel for the characters in anyway. You will regret watching this movie the moment it ends and forget about it completely two days later.
  • 5 stars Captivating movie. Interesting take on a well trodden theme of alien influence on Earth. Incomparably better than The Shape of Water. Note: if you are a teenager you might not like it.....
  • 5 stars Beautiful, interesting, well acted sci fi. If you like sci-fi and found the trailer interesting you will probably like it as much as I did. However, if you listen to our repetitive, angry, multiple-posting troll friend you may miss a really well done film. The people that hated this movie may not enjoy sci fi or movies that don't follow the usual patterns and rhythms so I don't understand what brought them to the theatre in the first place.
  • 4 stars A little high brow for the avevger set. Requires some actual grey mater to make sense of it. A delightful and thought provoking film. Go see it at Hollywoow 3 for $4.75. Well worth the price. And you support small business at the same time and not those momey grubber at Silvercity
  • 4 stars It was an awesome lovecraftian film. If you need things exploding and big robots and boobs then you probably won’t like the film. If you enjoyed the book you will probably like it
  • 5 stars Brilliant Tarkovsky-eque sci-fi film - for those who like to think when they go to the cinema.
  • it deserved no star awful movie wasted my money
  • 1 stars This was the worst movie ever!Beleave the people that say the same Waste of time and money!


Genre:  Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Running Time:  115 min.
In theatres: February 23, 2018
DVD/Blu-ray: May 29, 2018

Current rating: Rating: 3.03
based on 222 votes and 72 reviews
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Cast: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny, Oscar Isaac