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Current Rating: 3.88

Current Rating: 3.88

based on 180 votes and 55 reviews

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  • 1 stars My husband and I were so excited to see this movie based on all the reviews and it was such a brutal disappointment. Don't waste your money. If you must see it, be disappointed at home.
  • 2 stars Ouch, What can I say. Typically I do love me some mindless action, and boy does this one give that and plenty. At the same time, somewhat of a plot is appreciated, and this one is thin as tissue paper flitting in the breeze. The music hook / catch part is kind of cute, but The Kid (Baby? WTH?) can barely pull it off. Great cast, some fun acting, pretty good work here, but a bit too much of a Reality Suspension is required. Not that this is horrible, but it is not big screen theater worthy or necessary. Silly Stupid Summer Flick it is. DVD & pizza (& beer) night watching MIGHT improve this, but doubt that I will ever rent it now that I've already been subjected. It's about a $2 - $5 buck budget night film and no more. (We caught it on $5 night, so it was tolerable). YMMV . . .
  • 4 stars This was an entertaining movie based on the music score alone. The plot gets a little too violent at times, but everything smooths out in the end. Given the lack of novelty in the movie industry this movie should earn high marks for its creativity.
  • 3 stars So, no academy awards, but this "type" of movie is entertaining; action and more action. Some lame themes and acting but it does deliver spectacular vehicle driving, two very sexy women, lotsa music oldies, and also lotsa killing; what not to like. Anyways, if you like action and over the top characters.....this is your movie. I am an old dog, kind of cynical.....but what the heck. I am sure most would love it for what it is; action, action and more action.
  • 2 stars Started interesting but became lame very quickly.... Story sucked..... Not giving more than 2 stars.... Waste of time and money.... Hi
  • 4 stars it was surprisingly very entertaining with plenty of action. There was little swearing, no nudity, but dome killing. The driving was astounding. This movie is not boring and does have a good story line too.
  • 4 stars Using music they way they did was a creative idea and they COULD have nailed it... but they got lazy in the second half of the film. The opening scene is incredible and thoroughly thought out with really creative transitions. The later part of the film became a bunch of messy action scenes and the film lost its music-focus. I wish they had put the same amount of effort into the whole movie as they did in the opening scene. It would have been Oscar-worthy.
  • 5 stars Wonderfully creative and very unique. Jon Hamm doesnt pick bad movies to be in and this keeps hia streak alive. The ensemble cast is excellent and the soundtrack stays in your head for days. Highly recommended!!
  • 1 stars No star. This is about one of the dumbest movie I've. I know you are supposed suspend your beliefs in action flicks to some degree that is. This flick is packed with action, if mindless entertainment you are after go see this movie. But if you are capable of critical thinking you'll be disappointed.
  • 2 stars Very disappointed in this lame movie. Even good actors couldn't save this film.

Baby Driver

Genre:  Action/Adventure, Thriller
Running Time:  113 min.
In theatres: June 28, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 3.88
based on 180 votes and 55 reviews
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Cast: Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jon Bernthal, Eiza González, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx