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3.52 / 5

User Rating User rating: 3.52

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  • User rating: 3.52 52.38%
  • User rating: 3.52 4.76%
  • User rating: 3.52 9.52%
  • User rating: 3.52 9.52%
  • User rating: 3.52 23.81%

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User review rating: 5 September 12, 2018

I enjoyed every movie with Paul Walker including this movie. He is awesome. Sorry he had to go. The movie was Great for us, me and husband. With love, Merle & Dee

User review rating: 2 August 23, 2014

District 13 was really better than this remake paul walker not really credible in this role. its not because is dead i will say it was it best movie role ever lol good movie but bad remake

User review rating: 5 May 14, 2014


User review rating: 1 May 11, 2014

Paul Walker did a great job. It's too bad the rest of the movie was absolutely terrible. I still don't understand how anyone thinks RZA should be in movies? He's terrible! So, very terrible!

User review rating: 5 May 10, 2014

brick mansions awesome cool great action movie ever paul walker was great and cool

User review rating: 1 May 05, 2014

One of the worst movies I have seen - and I thought I had seen them all. Save your money - just a dud

User review rating: 2 May 04, 2014

2 star only because car chases and fight scenes hold your attention. Otherwise 1 star.

User review rating: 4 April 28, 2014

Spoiler alert – it’s a Hollywood version/remake of a French movie. It was great then and it’s better now since it also stars Paul Walker. Love Parkour and David Belle is at his best. It honors Paul Walker because it’s his last film, which should be enough reason to watch it – for him! R.I.P.

User review rating: 1 April 28, 2014

Really bad. Go see The Quiet One instead

User review rating: 1 April 26, 2014

Not even fun stupid... just stupid stupid. 12 year old kids who like generic martial arts cheese may think its cool. That's it...

User review rating: 1 April 25, 2014

Save your money!! Total waste of time, go for a drive through Jane and Finch for free and save $30.00 and two hours

User review rating: 5 April 25, 2014

Paul Walker is spectacular in this thriller, he deserved the martial arts black belt awarded after his tragic passing, thank you for your charitable support of the Filipino storm survivors. R.I.P. from Markham's apaulwalker.

User review rating: 5 April 06, 2014

great movie

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