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Current Rating: 3.50

Current Rating: 3.50

based on 56 votes and 17 reviews

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  • 4 stars I really enjoyed this movie. Having a daughter about her age, I could only imagine how this movies father felt. That is what gave it the edge for me. Truly terrifying, also realizing that this was something that could possibly happen, also made it more real. Worth the money for this summer movie. Just be careful that your popcorn doesn't jump out of the bag and into your face. Yes, there are a few shocks.
  • 2 stars Good cg work. Realistic storm action. Female lead does a good job at keeping us interested. But a lame script and direction sinks this movie into boredom. Obviously spent too much on the exciting storm set and ran out of money for a script. Sad waste of money.
  • 4 stars Action packed and creative horror film. I have been through hurricanes myself, and really liked the film's look and feel.. Made me feel like i was there. Very exciting.
  • 1 stars Sorry folks. This was a complete dud. Watching a young girl and her father crawl around in a house basement full of alligators was a waste of time.
  • 4 stars Great horror film with scary scenes when the gators begin to attack! If you want to be scared. See this film!
  • 5 stars Very interesting movie and due to the fact of a similar situation like hurricane Katrina alligators got Zeus because of storm surge and into and buildings
  • 4 stars It was really good pertaining to the dialogue and having its jump scares and maybe it’s only because I’m afraid of alligators, but I really liked it, It’s just like Lake placid mixed with Sharknado but without the flying sharks/gators.
  • 1 stars What a waste of my time. I walked out because I could not take the stupidity of it all. I guess the other viewers must of seen a different version then I did!
  • 4 stars Fun summertime movie. Scary, but more like Jurassic Park or Jaws type scary, not trippy horror film scary. Some gore as you'd expect, but the film makers didn't dwell on doing extended drawn-out sequences of people getting attacked. Bloody for sure (you get the point of what's happening), but not gratuitous. I was actually a bit surprised at this given how the movie's director put so much violence and gore in his previous movies. As with other movies of this genre, there are a few points where you say to yourself "wait a minute...", but as long as you overlook the minor flaws you should have a good time.
  • 4 stars Really scary, good, jaw the jaws of alligators! If you like horror sci fi, it's good. Not for kids or weak hearted.


Genre:  Horror
Running Time:  87 min.
In theatres: July 12, 2019

Current rating: Rating: 3.50
based on 56 votes and 17 reviews
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Cast: Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Morfydd Clark, Colin McFarlane