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Current Rating: 3.47

Current Rating: 3.47

based on 592 votes and 197 reviews

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  • 2 stars A very neat and tidy, let's tone-down-the-violence-of-war movie from Christopher Nolan. Here's a director who likes to cut from one of his land-sea-air story lines to another, but the cuts are too quick and you easily lose perspective. At times, the cuts are to scenes unrelated to one of his 3 themes, and you wonder...okay, where are we now? What boat/ship are we on? That's frustrating. Excellent cinematography, sadly offset by horribly grating soundtrack from Hans Zimmer. Nolan didn't want to show any Germans, and he doesn't, thinking that perspective from the British soldier's point of view would be compromised...instead, it becomes muddled, even lost. As a war movie, not a classic as the critics would have you believe, certainly not the same caliber as say Saving Private Ryan. I was really anticipating much better, found myself leaving disappointed. This one won't stand the test of time.
  • 5 stars I thought the film was very well done and showed the true spirit of man kind
  • 1 stars waste of time
  • 1 stars A boring and badly done war movie. Ignoring the technical faults (see the MAGIC SPITFIRE GLIDE ITS WAY TO VICTORY!!!!) This is a movie about a group of guys hanging at the beach. They watch the tide. A plane drops a bomb. They watch the surf. Some drown on a boat. The movie is only about 20 minutes long, and they keep re-looping the same sequences from different perspectives. This is fun and different for all of 10 minutes. Then it get's tiresome. Then it get's truly annoying. Finally you are looking forward to a bathroom break, looking at your phone for the time, and looking around the theatre out of boredom. And I'm a Guy Who Loves War Movies.
  • 2 stars I was disappointed in the lack of historical data & scope of the movie. The length of the movie should've been 15-30 min longer with more story & details of the "little" boats & why the Germans failed to take advantage. I appreciated the effort to use more actual live explosions etc in scenes but I felt that the overall effort was a "chapter" in the Dunkirk "book" leaving me feeling like I was given the short version, ie "Dunkirk for Dummies" instead of the "novel" I was hoping for. Saw it with my brother out of town on regular screen & wouldn't care to pay to see it again on an IMAX venue that is available in my hometown.
  • 1 stars It was weak. How can a war movie be pg or pg13. No blood or gore. Real wars had this, it's a reality. Confusing not enough action just weak. Black hawk down, we were soldiers, enemy's at the gates, saving Private Ryan, tears of the sun, act of valor, etc. Those were good war movies dunkrik can't be mentioned in this list. Even mark whalberg's lone survivor killed this.
  • 1 stars Way too much drama and hollywood stuff and not enough factual information. Why turn a perfectly good historic event into something distorted with sissy drama. The story of Dunkirk is interesting enough to portray. I was looking for more of a documentary type movie.
  • 5 stars I thought it was an excellent film. It's not so much the story of the event (i.e. a documentary), but the experience of the evacuation from several individual perspectives. I too am a history buff but still enjoyed the film
  • 1 stars I think "Dunkirk " was more of a documentary, than a movie. I was waiting for something, anything, but it just wasn't there. Not in the same class as "Saving Private Ryan ". I am a history buff, and I was disappointed.
  • 1 stars This was probably the worst movie I have seen. I didn't know anything about Dunkirk before I went and knew less when I left the movie. There is very little dialect and you were wondering the whole time what was going on. Nobody had names either except the one civilian boat. There was just so much bad about this movie. The purpose of a history film is to educate about the event, not this one. I still cannot figure out why I sat through it all. I actually told a couple people to see it just because then they would see how bad it was. The friend I was with is a history buff and felt the same way I did and was actually probably more disappointed than myself.


Genre:  Action/Adventure, Thriller, War
Running Time:  107 min.
Release Date: July 21, 2017
DVD: December 19, 2017
Blu-ray: December 19, 2017
Digital: December 12, 2017
Netflix: August 12, 2019

Current rating: Rating: 3.47
based on 592 votes and 197 reviews
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Cast: Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carney, Jack Lowden, Harry Styles, Aneurin Barnard, James D'Arcy, Barry Keoghan, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy

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