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Current Rating: 2.92

Current Rating: 2.92

based on 196 votes and 52 reviews

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  • Intelligence is allowed...but truth is more widely accepted.
  • Its funny how Ben make these guys look stupid.
  • This is a must see movie... I enjoyed it and it was thought provoking.
  • Interesting movie. On the surface you'd think this movie is about Intelligent Design but the real story is about Freedom of Speech. I like the unbiased approach, it allows the viewer to question. The biggest question being, "are we really a democratic society?"
  • This movie is so dishonest,it makes Michael Moore look "fair and balanced".If anyone has any doubt on this(or if anyone is misguided enough to buy into the lies told in this movie)go to this website: www.expelledexposed.com It doesn't matter whether you believe in them or not,facts remain facts.Ben Stein doesn't seem to understand that and makes them up as he goes along.
  • this movie is absolute garbage. ID is not even a scientific theory and has no evidence to support it that hasn't been completely taken apart and disproven by science. Scientists are not scared of ID, they're just sick of all the creationists distracting them with this garbage when there is real science to be done.
  • Insult to science
  • Drivel.
  • The issue, as I see it, is not which theory (ID or Evolution) is correct but rather the fact that the acadamic community is so threatened by ID that no discussion of it is possible or permitted. That makes me wonder what Evolutionists have to hide! Ben Stein, as usual, is intelligent and thought provokng. Don't be afraid, SEE THE MOVIE!
  • this movie is good

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Genre:  Documentary
Running Time:  96 min.
Release Date: June 27, 2008 (limited)
DVD: October 21, 2008

Current rating: Rating: 2.92
based on 196 votes and 52 reviews
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Cast: Ben Stein