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User review rating: 1 November 16, 2019

It's a bunch of lies.

User review rating: 1 April 11, 2019

Garbage, Liberalism is a mental disorder. MAGA 2020

User review rating: 0 February 26, 2019

This is timely, especially with the Trump Crime Syndicate ready for the trash heap of prison !

User review rating: 1 February 01, 2019

disgusting propaganda! Shame on you.

User review rating: 3 January 09, 2019

Michael Moore told it as it is the comparison between hittler and trump is spot on and the Michigan govener what an ass why wouldn’t you give the people in your state clean water

User review rating: 1 January 07, 2019

Horrible! less than 1 star! where are the riots where is the impeachment, all thats happened is prison reform that was long overdue, legalization of hemp and hemp farming, lowest unemployment rate, peace in Korea, hmmmm sounds like this dude is a quack who is just butthurt because Crooked Hilldawg didn't win (thank God!)

User review rating: 1 January 06, 2019

total dumbass

User review rating: 0 December 27, 2018

Yawn ....

User review rating: 1 December 26, 2018

One of the worst flip flopping personalities one could imagine. It's not about far left/right he is trying to expose, such motives do only exists in the mind of the masses, the few ones knowing the real truth knows this man(?) is anyone's shill for anyone paying the right amount. By telling half truths, he is poisening the well of knowledge/facts.

User review rating: 1 December 23, 2018

more crazy left wing propaganda. Michael Moore is clearly puppet for the democrats.

User review rating: 1 December 19, 2018

Fake news

User review rating: 5 December 17, 2018


User review rating: 1 December 05, 2018

utter rubbish

User review rating: 1 November 25, 2018

Boring and too Longgggggg.

User review rating: 1 November 04, 2018

Whole thing is absurd---Complete propaganda. Moore is unrestricted by really or truth.

User review rating: 5 November 02, 2018

It was amazing and Mr. Moore is amazing. I respect him so much! He is the REAL American Patriot! Not afraid to state and show you all the truth of what this country has become. God Help America... Thank you Michael for doing what you do! Many, many of us appreciate and love you...

User review rating: 1 November 02, 2018

Waste of my time

User review rating: 2 October 31, 2018

Moore is getting worse and worse with his political films. Poor writing, poor acting and poor directing.

User review rating: 1 October 28, 2018

liberal bias from the far left, he talk about lies and he is the biggest liar when it comes to his self appointed opinions, as half truths do not equal the truth. so I rate this a 1 star because there is no 0 rating it a Doc move to express the opinions of a far left liberal which do not add up it the truth, plus it boring

User review rating: 1 October 27, 2018

It saddens me to see the number of have rated anything of M. Moore positive, as he has shown himself as a far leftist. We fought WWII against socialist and a 40 yr.cold war again against communism "just another form of socialism. This all stems from the lack of education and the educating of our youth for 4 decades with Liberal/socialist in documentation the rewriting of history and the elimination of God. Hitler and Stalin understood that nationalizing education with their views vs truth ensured elimination of God without which there is no personal freedom or liberty. This current movement by the left is not due to hate for Trump but due to the hate for the movement by conservative Americans to retake this nation to what is was created as "representative Republic" based on principles of republicism and capitalism not Democracy "rule by mob" and socialism "slavery of spirit and body". The un or mis educated are easy to corrupt in exchange for stuff. History has proven that.

User review rating: 5 October 27, 2018

I saw the pro-Trump video last month so I wanted to see the view from the other side. MM's movies in the past have been factual and political. This was both. Not easy to watch but important for anyone who intends to vote. There are a lot of other entertaining or escapist movies--this is not one of those. Watch it if you dare.

User review rating: 1 October 24, 2018

Moore still believes he's smarter than the average Fat Bear. If the viewer has a closed mind and has nutty views like Moore, it would be enjoyable. I GIVE A RATING OF -1 STAR, GARBAGE.

User review rating: 5 October 18, 2018

This movie was very underrated. Michael Moore was right on the money, as always, uncompromising and truthful in his assessment of where this country is heading. This is a must see movie.

User review rating: 5 October 15, 2018

A brilliant film by Michael Moore, and his most powerful to date. There are none of his usual little moments of humour. This is so stark and depressing, and at times I was so overcome with emotion that I used up a few Kleenex. He tells it as it is, and it's hard to get up to leave the theatre. Keep up the good work, Michael. As hard as it was to watch, the facts need to be known.

User review rating: 5 October 15, 2018

Very informative. Rating based on being a documentary, 5 stars is in order

User review rating: 5 October 11, 2018

The "1 star" reviewers don't seem to realize this is not a drama created by a writer. It's factual. It's a documentary. It's something we should know about, like it or not. It's not about best directing or best acting. It's about what's happening in our country, and it's scary. If you don't like what you saw, do something. Vote.

User review rating: 1 October 08, 2018

Moores' hi-jinx may appeal to the mentality of rabid frat-boy Kavanaugh supporters, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. This man, who clearly thinks himself mightier than the great lord himself, could only appeal to the type of person who thinks climate change is a hoax. I pray each night that Jesus would intervene in Mr.Moores sad life and show him that wage slavery is a real and systemic problem. Shame on you Mr Moore.

User review rating: 3 October 08, 2018

Had its moments, but overall not a great movie. Dragged a bit towards the end, but it made me chuckle here and there. Im happy to be the second non 1 or 5 star vote. Grow up people.

User review rating: 4 October 08, 2018

Michael Moore exposed our flaws and challenges us to be more engaged citizens. It is such a mirror of our polarized society that 58% of viewers loved it and 41% hated it, with practically no-one in between. Is there any room for dialog???

User review rating: 1 October 06, 2018

Was desperate to have some popcorn.....walked into this "Political porn Fest"..... ate my popcorn and immediately went to see Crazy Rich Asians....much more of a documentary than this High School "I'm so angry" super 8 movie !

User review rating: 5 October 06, 2018

a must see

User review rating: 1 October 06, 2018

If you like to pay cash for your propaganda, then this is for you. If you have more than two neurons working, stay away.

User review rating: 5 October 04, 2018

A democracy is only as valid and meaningful as is an informed voting public. The PBS series "Frontline " also has a very excellent show on Trump's early years, business dealings, and up through elections. Socialism is an economic system that can be integrated with capitalism by voting on economic and social justice issues in a democracy (as long as are voting system hasn't been hijacked!!)

User review rating: 1 October 04, 2018

So biased I walked out

User review rating: 5 October 02, 2018

Seeing some of the ratings, to me says some have not bothered to go see the film, they are just stating their own political preferences. This is an important film if it was just about the Flint Michigan situation. I say go with an opening mind and be prepared to think.

User review rating: 5 October 01, 2018

Lays out the whole picture about what is going on in this country!

User review rating: 1 October 01, 2018

Moore comes from a socialist/communist position so President Trump or any constitutionalist/conservative is a threat to his end goal of a socialist nation which would eliminate much of the liberties many leftist Americans that for granite. Amazing that so many who slept thru history/economics and failed will trade our fought for liberties for government hand outs.

User review rating: 5 October 01, 2018

An eye opener to anyone. Trump’s fans do not understand this movie. They tweet too much. Lol

User review rating: 1 October 01, 2018

Just stop already. So biased.

User review rating: 1 October 01, 2018

Nope. Don't bother. Too biased and too political.

User review rating: 5 September 30, 2018

Another eye-opening film by Michael Moore.

User review rating: 5 September 30, 2018

Very inspiring. This is not partisan. He blames MI Republican governor and his cronies for the problem they created for the Flint, MI, as well as President Obama who drank the water saying the problem is solved. That's why Clinton lost Flint, Michigan voters.

User review rating: 1 September 30, 2018

Bunch of lies and so boring

User review rating: 5 September 30, 2018

Powerful and insightful! A must see!

User review rating: 1 September 30, 2018

Scattered docu that doesn’t illuminate very much of anything. Some interesting analysis of flint water crisis. Cringeworthy segments on school shooting and student activism. Canned score was painful to sit through and too obviously trying to evoke some semblance of emotional response. Went thinking it would be a take on Trump, didn’t really explore anything new or nuanced. Even the title is uninspired.

User review rating: 5 September 30, 2018

Should see this movie regardless of political persuasion!

User review rating: 5 September 30, 2018

Everyone needs to see this brilliant film! People who have written reviews saying things to the effect that Moore blames everything on republicans, have obviously NOT seen the film!!! ...and thus have no place writing reviews!!! The fact that Moore does not let republicans or democrats off the hook, is precisely why everyone must see it!!!! This film goes well betond party politics!!!! Well done Mr. Moore!!!👍

User review rating: 1 September 30, 2018

Truest boring

User review rating: 5 September 29, 2018

This is Moore's best work. Troubling to watch but important to see.

User review rating: 1 September 29, 2018


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