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Current Rating: 2.77

Current Rating: 2.77

based on 106 votes and 37 reviews

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  • 3 stars Not highly exciting, but if you watched Split and Unbreakable, I guess you owe it to yourself to sit through it.
  • 3 stars Oscar - worthy? Movie - no, though I liked it and consider it a worthy conclusion (?) to this trio of films. But James MacAvoy? Yes, yes, yes! Here's hoping the academy remembers him next year. Chris Stuckman refers to this movie in his review as the antithesis of Marvel movies. I agree, and that's not a bad thing. I'll be curious about what MNS comes up with next. Not driven - but curious.
  • 1 stars Drags the whole way through not in spots. Just plain boring. I would recommend you see something else not this
  • 2 stars drags in spots. not a believable script, James McAvoy does a great job with his multiple personalities and stunts
  • 1 stars Oscar worthy movie NO. That person probably said that because they were paid or to get anyone to go see it. Don’t waste your time and money this movie is crap. That is how awful this is. I wanted to walk out but I didn’t and I regret it because this never ever got better. This is as dry as a bone. Watch on Netflix or something when you don’t have to pay for it or do yourself a favour and never waste your time. Watch John wick or something with lots of action because the action scenes that were in it are pathetic. For a two hour movie there was about 5 minutes worth of that. Not worth it. Just drags on and on and on and on. SAVE YOUR MONEY. If this is Oscar worthy this is definitely Oscar worthy for the garbage can. Lol. The garbage can would love this movie and every copy that was made
  • 1 stars Saw a lot of M. Night Shysterman movies before and all but one were garbage... eg. The Happening...a horror movie about wind. Really? So reading most of these reviews, I'm really happy l didn't waste $$ and more importantly time on what most reviews are saying is crap. Shysterman… remember the name and stay away.
  • 1 stars ZZZZZZZZZZZZ....wake up catch the fighting scene at the end.
  • 1 stars A NETFLIX movie at best if you plan to doze off and sleep. Who is the MORON that thinks this is the best Oscar movie ever made? I bet you is some one that has no taste or is doped up or drunk or just ignorant as what makes a good movie.
  • 5 stars Oscar worthy- Best 2019 movie so far. Must see.
  • 1 stars Wasted my money


Genre:  Thriller
Running Time:  129 min.
In theatres: January 18, 2019

Current rating: Rating: 2.77
based on 106 votes and 37 reviews
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Cast: James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Anya Taylor-Joy, Sarah Paulson, Spencer Treat Clark, Samuel L. Jackson