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4.13 / 5

User Rating User rating: 4.13

Based on 62 votes and 19 reviews

  • User rating: 4.13 61.29%
  • User rating: 4.13 19.35%
  • User rating: 4.13 3.23%
  • User rating: 4.13 3.23%
  • User rating: 4.13 12.90%

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User review rating: 5 December 22, 2014

By far the beat childrens movie I've seen this year!

User review rating: 4 August 19, 2014

Wonderful movie with breath taking animation. A worthy companion to the first movie, the sequel still carries an undertone of love in all its different forms, while staying funny and adventerous. This is a family movie that (and seriously) anyone can enjoy.

User review rating: 1 August 06, 2014

I didn't not like the movie

User review rating: 5 July 27, 2014

Outstanding an a bit funny

User review rating: 5 July 20, 2014

Simply Perfect. If they made more movies as emotionally fulfilling and meaningful as this one, I would become a regular at the movie theaters. As it stands, this is a rare one that even beat my already high expectations. Simply amazing.

User review rating: 5 July 14, 2014

Amazing movie. Dreamwork has proved it that they are not behind Disney. Matter fact they are ready to take over the animation world.

User review rating: 5 July 07, 2014

Outstanding film. Possibly the best villain since scar! Every emotion is felt in this movie. A MUST SEE

User review rating: 4 July 06, 2014

Very entertaining - our whole family enjoyed it.

User review rating: 0 June 29, 2014

It was the best movie EVER, incredible animation I liked it better than the first one( even though that was really good) this movie is awesome it's sad awesome and funny a real good movie for a family

User review rating: 5 June 26, 2014

In my opinion I thought it was the best movie I have seen in a long time, better than any movies, I don't care if it's a "kids" movie, man. KIDS movies are the best, I was hoping the movie would never end. AND Honestly, I was really moved after seeing it, I know that seems pretty weird, but I guess it depends on how you interpret it.

User review rating: 5 June 19, 2014

Best animation I have ever seen! Held spellbound the whole show. Looking forward to the sequel!

User review rating: 5 June 18, 2014

it was awesome I highly recommend it

User review rating: 5 June 18, 2014

Loved it as much as the first one. Definate 5 STAR Movie. 3D was Great!

User review rating: 5 June 17, 2014


User review rating: 4 June 14, 2014

good movie

User review rating: 5 June 14, 2014

I absolutely loved the first movie and now I love the second. I am sad to admit to it, but I probably cried harder than the younger kids. The Hiccup and Toothless duo continue to satisfy all my expectations! Great movie!

User review rating: 5 May 25, 2014


User review rating: 5 June 14, 2013

yes i can't wait for next year

User review rating: 5 March 27, 2013


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