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Current Rating: 4.04

Current Rating: 4.04

based on 115 votes and 22 reviews

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  • 4 stars aka The Thousand Faces of Colin Farrell - will lay to rest any question of this young man's acting abilities. The movie is more than the promised dark comedy/travelogue. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a wild ride. Actually, it's a tragedy by definition, but provides many absurdly comedic moments along the way. Only in the twisted world of writer Martin McDonagh can a would-be killer stop his victim from committing suicide. On the surface this is a story about paid killers on the lamb, but when all is said and done it is a warm-hearted buddy film with a conscience. Even Ralph Fiennes' mob boss character adheres to his own standard of honour. And, we were amused that he did.
  • A tragicomedy dealing philosophical and moral problems: crime and punishment friendship murder remorse consistency in ethics etc. I liked it very much. The great turn is that the nastiest figure becomes top of moralé by his suicide. One can laugh a lot on style but the final consequences are astonishing. And three big performances!
  • great plot. great acting
  • Terrific film. Good plot, very original and lots of laughs. highly recommended.
  • Bruges is beautiful and I've added it to my Bucket List. Besides the great scenery, the movie was slow and I had to watch it with ENGLISH subtitles because I couldn't understand the heavy Irish accents. 3***'s.
  • I had seen excerpts of the film, and because of the limited release had a hard time finding a place to view it. How I wish I hadn't found the theatre. Crap. Unadulterated crap. For such a fine cast, and locale a waste of time and money.
  • this is the best bloody film ever!!! is linda sad at the end though, so if ur a sap dont watch it.
  • Awesome movie! I saw it twice and would pay to see it again, definitely buying the DVD. I'm suprised it got such a cold reception. Brendan Gleeson is great, and Ralph Fiennes is hilarious but nasty all at the same time. I was pleasantly suprised by Colin Farrell he was fantastic, and so were his eyebrows which did half the acting. Action, great dialogue, and a MIDGET!, sorry, dwarf. What else can you ask for.
  • Wow, I didn’t get what I expected. Based on the trailers I thought this would be tons-of-fun buddy comedy. Like Rush Hour, but in Belgium and without Brett Ratner to screw things up. But what I actually got disturbed me, moved me and made me a fan of Colin Farrell. That’s saying a lot after how disappointed I was in Miami Vice. In Bruge takes place… in Bruges. It’s a small Belgian town that’s known for its slow-pace and ancient architecture. It also happens to be the best place to hide out after a botched assassination attempt. Farrell is the young, immature assassination botcher and Brendan Gleeson is the elder partner who didn’t pull the trigger. Together they wait in Bruges for orders fr
  • Wait for the DVD. Slightly funny. Funniest lines are in the trailer. Slow moving and quite a disappointment.

In Bruges

Genre:  Comedy, Drama
Running Time:  107 min.
Release Date: February 8, 2008 (limited)
DVD: June 30, 2008

Current rating: Rating: 4.04
based on 115 votes and 22 reviews
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Cast: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes, Clémence Poésy, Jérémie Rénier