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Current Rating: 3.24

Current Rating: 3.24

based on 370 votes and 18 reviews

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  • yo a rock star cna act better than a rap star anydays..rap stars cant even act in music videos...i havent seen this movie but it looks horrible...first of all..its just another publicity stunt gone horribly wrong~Shabz 06
  • first they ruin music... then they slowly ruin movies. stick to the thing ur good at... please.
  • th e best movie in the universe! because it includes USHER!
  • this is the best movie i`ve ever seen because i think usher is hott and he is trying to save a girl from danger i mean that girl must be so proud of her self.. she`s lucky!
  • I think poeple should put their age along with their comments so people like myself can differentiate the real reviews from the tweens with puppy dog crushes! This Movie is terrible and it doesn`t take a film critic know this. Whom ever thought that Usher should star in his own film has more money than brains!
  • yo homeboy, first of all usher aint a rapper, he does r&b. a 10 yr old cud freestyle better than him any day. second, the only good rapper/actor uptil now has been eminem. so u mite wanna wait like 4 billion years bfore u start comparing.
  • I have not seen, nor do I want to. 1/5 stars on principle. I`m tired of the powers that be giving movie deals to singers and record deals to actors. =FC=
  • Who ever think USHER is hot and sexy is missing a chromosome :)
  • i seriously think that everyone is only given one good talent... so if ur good in the music business then u arent going to be good in the movie business... it really sad when these music people try to act
  • it is almost the best movie of eternity.usher you are flamming hot,and so sexy!!!!!!!!!!1

In the Mix

Genre:  Comedy
Release Date: December 2, 2005
DVD: March 21, 2006

Current rating: Rating: 3.24
based on 370 votes and 18 reviews
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Cast: Usher Raymond, Chazz Palminteri, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Kevin Hart, Geoff Stults