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Current Rating: 4.60

Current Rating: 4.60

based on 110 votes and 34 reviews

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  • 5 stars Excellent movie
  • 3 stars Overall this movie was great, it’s a good summer movie but it didn’t reach the full potential of the Ironman franchise. But the movie had his good moment like action scenes that really blew my mind were the Scarlet Johansson's fight scene and the fight scene in Monaco. When she takes her Black widow costume and beats up all the security guards. And when Tony uses his suitcase suit.
  • 4 stars Robert Downey Jr and Sam Rockwell are the stars in this movie, they really made this movie funny. Tony’s personality was hilarious. It was funny how Sam Rockwell tried so hard to be like Ironman but he cannot and everyone says that his inventions are crap (Tony Stark make fun of his suits, Whiplash insults his computer’s security system and Rhodey says the Ex-Wife missile is crap). One thing about the movie that was interesting , is the fact that Tony Stark, even if he is the world famous superhero, he almost lost everything. Pepper Potts , Rhodey and Happy Hogan stopped being his friends and colleagues because he was such a jerk and he was dying but no one cared about him.
  • 3 stars Except the disappointing action, the movie was amazing, because the dialogue was good and funny and they had a great cast, Robert Downey Jr, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel Jackson, Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell.
  • 4 stars There was less action then I expected. They spend more money on the Stark Expo, Tony's gadgets, the ironman war machine whiplash and hammer suits. In this type of movie, usually there's 3 fight scene (first, middle, last).But in Iron Man 2, there’s like two and a half fight scene. The Monaco scene was really good. The middle fight scene was not that good because it was just like war machine and ironman fighting each other. And the last fight scene end so quickly. Ironman was chased by the hammer drone and when they get in a some type of forest, ironman unleash a red laser and he kills the entire drone in five minutes. And when whiplash comes with his new cool suit he gets beat up so quickly
  • 4 stars Usually I would've given 3 stars for this movie, but because I'm a marvel fan, I really enjoy it. Iron Man 2 id a great summer movie, but was a little bit disappointing. It didn't satisfy my expectation.
  • 5 stars Excellent movie
  • 5 stars Excellent movie
  • 4 stars I like this movie.The pictures and the story.
  • 4 stars good movie, good special effect

Iron Man 2 (v.f.)

Genre:  Action/Adventure
Running Time:  124 min.
Release Date: May 7, 2010

Current rating: Rating: 4.60
based on 110 votes and 34 reviews
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