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Current Rating: 3.91

Current Rating: 3.91

based on 233 votes and 8 reviews

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  • a disturbing masterwork of cinema. performances were good and very brave. all 3 leads gave it their all and were not shy to do all the horrifying stuff in the film. should have been nominated for best special effects. there are 2 very distrbing scenes in the film that will make you shake to the core. it`s a scary film to watch, but i commend gaspar noe for being brave enough to not wimp out and show the things that happen everyday to people in a very brutal and honest way.
  • what a piece of garbage. i wish i could get my money back
  • The film begins with horrific, nauseating violence. It then flows in a reverse storyline, showing you what the power of friendship and love can do.
  • This film is both ugly and beautiful. It shows how ugly rape is. But it also shows how lovely love is. It does not exploit. My advice is watch once and if you don`t like it, you know what? It`s good, because if you would like it I wouldn`t want to meet you.
  • "Irreversible" is definitely a film you won`t forget, and possibly one you will need to watch again if you can`t sit through it the first time. The violent scenes are about as violent as it gets in film. Not wanting to spoil it, but when I first saw this film at the theatre, many people walked out of the 9-minute continuous rape scene, and I had to turn my head. That said, I appreciate that its one of the few films that portrays the grusome sense of harm and violation that other films just casually gloss over - for that forced empathy alone, it was worth watching. In addition to being shot in reverse order, its got great atmospheres
  • As reality its appalling, but as a film its monumentally brave and a great work of art
  • This is the most graphically violent film I have ever witnessed.The depiction is brutal.Think twice before you think of watching this film.If your bench mark for violent film is Goodfella`s or American History you are way short of what you will experience here. Think twice.Believe me.
  • Beautifully offensive. More engaging than anything I`ve ever seen before. Gasper Noe is demented.


Genre:  Drama
Running Time:  99 min.
Release Date: April 1, 2003
DVD: September 23, 2003

Current rating: Rating: 3.91
based on 233 votes and 8 reviews
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Cast: Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Albert Dupontel, Philippe Nahon, Jo Prestica