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Current Rating: 3.20

Current Rating: 3.20

based on 1568 votes and 45 reviews

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  • this movie is disgusting, noone should glorify what Karla Homolka did. they should just let the women who were murdered rest in peace.
  • This is a great movie. It tells the story of these two sick people, and as far as what have researched on the web, does a great job doing it. There is a lot of controversy surronding this film, but I encourage everyone to see it. Laura and Misha are also great, and the film gives you a lot to think about.
  • great true crime drama.Like being there,a fly on the wall.Great acting stylish filmaking. Brilliant.
  • I thought this movie was very good. Laura did an amazing acting job. People who say boycott this movie are crazy, everyone is entitled to their opinion but some of the reviews are made buy people who admit they havent seen the movie. It was great I can`t wait until it comes out on dvd. Lots of movies are based on real life events, what makes this one so different?
  • Anyone who thought "Karla" portrayed Homulka as a victim must have drawn their conclusions BEFORE they saw this excellent film and then just stubbornly stuck to their guns. Karla portrays HERSELF as a victim. The film allows you to see through her (if you don`t have a predetermined mindset) and suggests that she is perhaps even more evil than Paul.
  • I Hate the Couple and the Canadian Government for screwing this whole thing up. The Movie tells a story and tells it well, if you saw Karla as a victim then you watched this film with your eyes wide shut. People like this Karla and Paul live here in Canada and that`s what hurts most.
  • Incredible recount of what we heard happened!!! Chilling but makes you more aware of the pretty faces and what could be behind them.
  • Every "true story" happened somewhere. I wish Canadians would stop whining over this one. Nobody had a problem with Monster being made, or any other "true crime" movie (and there have been MANY over the years). Just because it happened here people are getting all riled up about it and saying it should be banned. Give me a break, it`s a movie. Get over yourselves.
  • nobody should benefit from this movie, give the profits to the victums families! overal not a bad film, but not the best!
  • I agree that everyone needs to get over the fact that this movie was made and people are choosing to go and see it. After seeing the movie, I really didn`t know what to think. On one hand there was a lot of things in the movie that actually happened, and the movie actually depicted the event as close to the truth as anyone could say happen (besides Karla and Paul because they were the only ones there). For example, the part that shows what exactly happened with Tammy Homolka`s death. The movies version was, I think, pretty realistic. On the other hand, there were parts in the movie that really disgusted me because it was so far from the


Genre:  Thriller
Running Time:  102 min.
Release Date: January 20, 2006
DVD: April 3, 2007

Current rating: Rating: 3.20
based on 1568 votes and 45 reviews
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Cast: Laura Prepon, Mischa Collins, Tess Harper, Leonard Kelly-Young, Alex Boyd, Tony Denison, Cherilyn Hayres, Kristen Swieconek, Sarah Foret, Patrick Bauchau