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Current Rating: 3.30

Current Rating: 3.30

based on 68 votes and 37 reviews

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  • 5 stars A tragedy worthy of ancient Greece.
  • 5 stars The period settings were great, and the plot moved along in a well-paced manner with some truly unforgettable scenes. As dark movies go, this one is well worth seeing. Check out the opera version as well, by Shostakovich.
  • 3 stars A very dark movie, only some people may enjoy this type of movie.
  • 3 stars 1. Over all screen atmosphere of the film was a bit drab. Very dreary uneventful surroundings. 2. Plot lines and characters were very plane with not much to the imagination. 3. Dramatic scenes fell short of follow through but on the whole played well by most leads. 4. Cinematics sharp and steady. Use of color lacked . Good movie but could have been spectacular if spiced up to depict more reasonable life dramatics and less restrained.
  • 4 stars With most movies I have an idea of what will happen even though I haven't read or seen trailers from the movie, but this one I found the story plot surprising. Certain events in the movie left me with a bad taste which mean the movie actually had an impact instead of the movies you just forgot as soon as you leave the movie theater.
  • 4 stars I really liked this movie and am recommending it. The acting was fantastic, the sets authentic to England in the 1800s. Starts out as a country Jane Austen-type lady and devolves, because of passion, into murder on Shakespearean level. Perfect dichotomy. I'm going to read the book. I was told, but am not sure, that the story is based on a real person.
  • 1 stars I was really looking forward to this movie as the trailer made it seem quite interesting and dramatic. Normally I love period movies. Visually it was nice to watch but it was so painfully slow. If you want to watch a woman in a pretty dress sit on a couch in total silence for 30 minutes, this is for you. The character development was poor. I felt like I really didn't like any of the characters as people. Whether they lived or died made no difference of emotion to me. There was no one to cheer for, so to speak. I'm glad I didn't pay.
  • 1 stars The best part of the movie: scenes of the heather covered windy moor beside the sea. I had never attended a film where people got up and left and those that stayed grumbled about how bad it was. It was good we had a free pass, because I feel having paid bridge fares, gas and parking, it was a waste of money.
  • 1 stars Although Florence Pugh was a delight to watch I was disappointed in the plot which seemed scattered. It was very slow throughout and did not progress until the end which left me confused at what I had just watched.
  • 4 stars I so enjoyed this movie. Florence Pugh delivers a powerful performance. The script was amazing. I'm going to read the book!

Lady Macbeth

Genre:  Drama
Running Time:  89 min.
Release Date:
July 28, 2017 - Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver
August 4, 2017 - Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Halifax, Victoria
DVD: October 17, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 3.30
based on 68 votes and 37 reviews
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Cast: Florence Pugh, Christopher Fairbank, Cosmo Jarvis, Bill Fellows, Paul Hilton