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Current Rating: 3.30

Current Rating: 3.30

based on 170 votes and 12 reviews

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  • The root of xenophobia is the willingness to believe that other people eat their children. Maya takes us down that road to see if we will believe that there are people who would deliver their children to priests so they could be sexually abused. A movie all Catholics should take time to view and consider.
  • I don`t think it happens in the hindu realigion what happend with a 12 years young girl but if it happens some places of India like that kind of wildness things still now for saveing the tradition or realigion then I`ll say it needs changed and the goverment should stop this kind of inocecne thing.when i was enjoying the movie when I saw that maya seems happy with her uncles family but it really hit me direct in my heart when the movie ends with a hororable part. We should stand up against this kind of voilent and do not let this happen like this kind of boul-sit.
  • This does not happen in India....even if does happen, it happens in isolated pockets where women are drawn into these rituals as a woman devoted or dedicated to the rustic deity perse as a familial stonghold("Devadasi" community-these rituals have been banned and have drastically come down as well) and not amongst the affluents as portrayed wrongly in the movie. The director has exploited the theme to meet his own selfish end or to garner some international accolades by putting together a ghastly graphic brutal distasteful kafkaesque fictional account.I don`t know what he intended to achieve by doing this.
  • I was shocked to see what dirty practices are still followed
  • It was Disturbing and sorry to see the Indian Government does not actively stop this ritual
  • Maya was many things- after just returning from India, much in the film showed everyday life at an amazing level- from making chai to sweeping the courtyard. It was also a horrific tale about women`s lives in many parts of India. I myself, while not witnessing or hearing of such a practice, experienced many tradegies women are forced to accept in places in India- from rape by husband or upper caste man, to your daughter being murdered by her husband, to refusal to educate, or beating a women for not having sons. In the area I was in, a common phrase "women are born to suffer" was often heard. This film does an exemplary job showing us the
  • What is that stupid and horrific ritual called as? I had never heard of that? why is it done? Is it in reality done?
  • It was a good movie, ivoked plenty of emotion, begining with joy of childlike innocence, and ending with horror and bewilderment as that innocence is shattered.
  • I didn`t know much when I rented the movie, thinking it would be a great international film, which I enjoy very much. I was taken back and left speechless when the movie ended.. WOW I have a hard time swallowing the fact that this ritual even though forbidden is still practised in some remote indian villages...
  • Maya was quite a disturbing movie that left me in tears at the ending, and also a feeling of empty helplessness at the knowledge that children are being subjected to this practice still. A true eye-opener, thought certainly not recommended for the faint at heart, or the easily enraged.

Maya (2002)

Genre:  Drama, Romance
Running Time:  113 min.
Release Date: March 22, 2002

Current rating: Rating: 3.30
based on 170 votes and 12 reviews
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Cast: Anant Nag, Mita Vasisht, Nitya Shetty, Nikhil Yadav, Mukesh Bhat, Virendra Saxena