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Current Rating: 3.21

Current Rating: 3.21

based on 104 votes and 30 reviews

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  • 5 stars I loved this! It demonstrated the internal struggles, and the external struggles with breath taking scenes of Florence. Richard Madden's performance was spectacular!
  • 4 stars I enjoyed the season particularly the strong women Cosimos wife of one determined lady and all the politics and backstabbing is awesome. Very entertaining . Love it when the women drive and the men think they are . That's always fun to watch
  • 5 stars Please put in on DVD or Bluray so I can purchase it.
  • 5 stars great
  • 5 stars Fabulous. Loved every minute all 3 times!
  • 5 stars What can I say... I'm addicted!
  • 5 stars Great entertainment for historical fiction. The way the Medici and others worked their way through power is interesting at the very least. If you like the Bourgia you'll enjoy this!
  • 5 stars I can't wait for season two! Love it.
  • 1 stars As others have mentioned, this series is the antithesis of a perfectly crafted production like The Crown. And, yes, while the writing is bad, Hoffman is miscast, and it's way too soap opera-y, my primary criticism of the show is the MUSIC!! Oh, my god, it never stops, and worse--it completely overpowers the show itself. Music accompanying movies, etc., must be interlaced with the production in such a fashion that it is almost not noticed, but here it's them main character. It's SO very heavy and constant that I can't even continue to watch the show. I cannot recall a movie or show I've watched where the music was this ridiculously overused.
  • 1 stars Take one part Godfather, one part Thrones, and throw a whole pile of Netflix money at a project and it can't miss, right? Nope, sorry. No story can long survive if you don't care about any of the characters. I wouldn't care if the whole Medici family got wiped out and they started over with a new cast. Dustin Hoffman is so miscast that it is embarrassing when he comes on the screen. He is wooden, charmless, and utterly without charisma and that's his good points. The remainder of the cast is largely newcomers that try valiantly to put some life in the dull scripts and stilted dialogue. But when you could cut 15 minutes of air-time out of each episode by simply removing shocked glances at one another, you know you need to fire all the writers. I don't say this with glee. I really wanted to like this as the next big thing at Netflix, but it just doesn't deliver on any level. The action is weak, the scenery is claustrophobic (I could not get blander), and most of the time you spend your night asking the person watching with you, "What 's happening ?, I missed why that guy hates that other guy". My advise, skip the whole mess and just binge watch The Godfather and Thrones.

Medici: Masters of Florence (Netflix)

Genre:  Drama, Family
Running Time:  60 min.
VOD: December 9, 2016

Current rating: Rating: 3.21
based on 104 votes and 30 reviews
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Cast: Richard Madden, Dustin Hoffman, Stuart Martin, Annabel Scholey, Guido Caprino, Brian Cox

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