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Current Rating: 4.30

Current Rating: 4.30

based on 15413 votes and 66 reviews

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  • ohmygod!!! Charlene earned that Oscar!! Ricci did a good job of it too. As depressing as it was, I don`t think they could have done a better job. It did remind me of "Boys Don`t Cry"-Hillary won an Oscar for that role too. You have to be in a dark mood to watch it.
  • I thought Charlize was amazing! The only problem I have with this fabulous film is that it makes Aileen Wuornos too sympathetic. If you know about the real Wuornos, you`d know she was a heartless killer. Maybe she killed her first john in self-defense, but the other murders were in cold blood. Besides this, I still enjoyed the movie a lot and it made me think.
  • I would have liked to see the real ppictures of who selby really was but thats not her real name and i can`t find anything on the internet but the movie was really good and very sad and nobody really seen that side of her even if she was a women killer but she was right people kill others everyday but as a child it affected her as a adult and she never really had a descent life at all.
  • ~This movie was good, sorta disturbing but good..especially since it was based on a true made the movie more interesting!!!!~
  • This movie was INCREDIBLE! It was a little disturbing and very depressing at times, but it really makes you think about what happens out there. Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci`s acting and facial expressions were amazing! This movie really sticks in your head after you watch really start thinking OMG!...This really did happen?! Journey`s song "Don`t Stop, Believen" really did match this movie very well. Some movies that are rated R can be seen by people under the age, but when they rated this movie R...they really did mean it! This movie is now one of my favorites. I do not recommend this movie to anyone under the age of 18 thoug
  • This movie was one of the most touching, loving, yet thought provoking works I have ever laid eyes upon. The love story, that leads to murder, the feeling that one has to do something to make someone continue to love them, the fact that in the end, the killing became easier, as stated in the movie, it was the little things in life that had the most impact upon Aileen, not the big stuff. All in all, after seeing this movie, I did see the documentary about Aileen Wuornos, life and death of a serial killer, and was moved even more. Aileen stated that even after 12 years on death row, and never seeing her lover again-real life name is Tyria-she
  • Absolultley amazing movie..very moving and really makes you think what goes on out there, and how fortunate we really are. Charlize was amazing in it and deserved the award she got for it. Excellent, well done!
  • Aside from Charlize`s brilliant and perfect performance, seeing Lee Tergesen in a film, and the fantastic score and other music, this films sorta blew. I mean, it was well done, but ultimately didn`t feel like much of a movie. Like the Journey song says in the film: `well the movie never ends, it goes on, and on, and on, and on` and so I felt about this thing. Though 111 minutes, its pacing is horrible. Now it isn`t a horrible film, it`s just not very good. 3 stars.
  • It was Great.............
  • This movie sucked! Wow, Charlize gained a little wait and false teeth and now she is an Oscar winner. So what? The plot of the movie was horrific.

Monster (2004)

Genre:  Drama
Running Time:  111 min.
Release Date: January 16, 2004
DVD: June 1, 2004

Current rating: Rating: 4.30
based on 15413 votes and 66 reviews
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Cast: Charlize Theron, Christina Ricci, Bruce Dern, Scott Wilson, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Lee Tergeson, Annie Corley