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Current Rating: 2.89

Current Rating: 2.89

based on 430 votes and 142 reviews

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  • 1 stars I wish I had stayed home and cleaned the grout. Yeah, that's how good it was.
  • 5 stars People with a brain get the brilliance
  • 1 stars Went out for an evening and decided what all the controversy was about this movie. Didn't find it. I did find a rambling mess of movie making though. I don't recall paying money for such a poor movie before in my life.
  • 1 stars When a movie requires you to undergo 8 years of post secondary programmed school to understand the twisted content within it, you know you've missed your target market. I have four degrees and none of them can make sense of this nonsense. Perhaps if I used a kaleidoscope will doing meth it would make more sense? Garbage in garbage out. No one likes this movie, At least no one who appears remotely normal.
  • 5 stars Extraordinary film making. It seems to be about the disintegration of a marriage but it is really about the horrific consequences of devaluing nature and motherhood to appease false sadistic and savage gods. There is an irony in committing barbaric acts in order to adore and curry favour with a creator who demand human sacrifice and the destruction of his own creation, his wife and progeny. The action takes place outside of historical time so the action is meant to be cyclical and recurring as in a cult. The message of the film is not conveyed through propaganda or preaching but through the unraveling of domesticity and the at first mystifying behavior of the environment and characters. Consequently the denouement, (conclusion) of the moving is a startling revelation for the audience. Aronofsky has learnt from auteur directors like Polanski and Bunuel, but this is definitely NOT a comedy or outright satire but a commentary on the psychopathology of belief and moral vacuity. How then can it be entertaining you may ask. It entertains by keeping the audience mystified and on the edge of their seats until the resolution. Highly original film making made with technical expertise and insight.
  • 1 stars Good God. What was this? Walked out before thirty minutes and got my money back. Just talk to the manager. Give it a shot if you must, but don't feel the need to endure. It doesn't get any better. There must be a spam bot working on these boards because I know five people who saw this and we usually disagree on movies, but in this instance, they agreed this stunk.
  • 5 stars I will simplify the plot for the simpletons: it's the story of Adam and Eve, God, Cain and Able. Mix in some bible stories and less kardashian
  • 4 stars It’s very disturbing, it’s very dark, and it’s hard to understand without a background in theology or a decent understanding of the bible, environmental issues and politics. Well acted, especially by Jennifer Lawrence.
  • 2 stars for trying ! Great start with Ed Harris & Michelle Pfierffer. Totally under used talent in this film.Veered off into a bad dream. Couldn't wait to wake up ( or for it to be over , lol ) Got all of the allegories of religion & spiritual chaos and the trappings of fame. Was it enlightening in any way ? Would I recommend to see it ? Not unless you have time & money to burn. LOL Love Darren Aronofsky's other films though !!! Can't all be great ! Right ?
  • 5 stars Only those with a transcending acumen will appreciate the cerebral gregarious of this wonderful piece of bliss.


Genre:  Thriller
Running Time:  121 min.
Release Date: September 15, 2017
Digital: December 5, 2017
DVD/Blu-ray: December 19, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 2.89
based on 430 votes and 142 reviews
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Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer, Domhnall Gleeson