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Current Rating: 3.44

Current Rating: 3.44

based on 617 votes and 190 reviews

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  • 1 stars I am so confused since i have watched the second one, where kate is in it. Come on people if you get shot you would end up dead, at the end of the first one where kate gets shot by the police and she dies. So how on earth would she be alive, for the 2nd and 3rd one. Yes its freaky.
  • 3 stars First of all, I liked this movie. Is not ground-breaking, is not the best horror film ever, but it is a very decent take on demonic possession and faux-documentary movies. The acting was very good (specially Katie.. Micah I felt was a little overdone) and the first half of it promised a lot horror-wise, IMHO. What I mean by this post's subject is that this movie did exactly what the people who dislikes TBWP criticized that movie for NOT doing. The main criticism I've heard of TBWP is that there's almost nothing in the whole movie to be scared of. Sticks and stones are moved around overnight, the film crew gets lost in the woods, they freak out over noises from the woods... other than the fin
  • 5 stars that movie is awesome lol keep it going who is making that.... love it
  • 5 stars Very cool movie, Loved it.
  • 1 stars Just crap. Amateur footage and that's all.
  • 4 stars Good movie,scared my girlfriend.
  • 2 stars anybody who thought this is the scariest movie of all time either a)still lives with mom b)sleeps with a teddy bear c)wets the bed d)screams at every little noise e)all of the above. this movie was crap.worst ending ever. only worse movie i have ever seen was clover field and thats saying a lot.its just spooky noises and nothing else. why did you even make it.pure crap
  • 1 stars To be honest, I would not even classify this as a 'movie'. The hype machine worked well with this one and after renting it, just kept watching assuming something would happen - but alas it never did. Not good, not frightening, poorly made.
  • 5 stars this movie is definatly a love it or hate it kinda movie. I loved it tho. Very big horror fan and this movie scared me so much ive been scared 2 go 2 sleep since watching it. The actors were amazing for the longest time i thought the movie was real. no one cud act that scared or that possessed i thought. But ya Kudos to the cast and team. And for a low budget film it was prime. kinda glad to find out its not real tho...put my mind at ease:P
  • 5 stars scary as hell

Paranormal Activity

Genre:  Horror
Running Time:  86 min.
Release Date: October 9, 2009 (limited)
DVD: December 29, 2009

Current rating: Rating: 3.44
based on 617 votes and 190 reviews
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Cast: Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Mark Fredrichs, Amber Armstrong, Ashley Palmer