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Current Rating: 3.17

Current Rating: 3.17

based on 74 votes and 22 reviews

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  • 1 stars Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzzz Phantom what? Phantom story was what my wife said. What was the point of this? I really did fall asleep as this thin just dragged you from one scene to the next without any impetus.
  • 4 stars I liked this movie - Acting was great - deep. The ending wasn't what I expected and I left feeling a bit confused but it did make you think and the setting was different and beautiful. Not for everyone but I enjoyed it a lot.
  • 2 stars The movie was not what I expected. I did think Daniel Day Lewis was great. He made the movie interesting to watch. I'm still not sure what the movie was actually about. It was a very artsy movie and definitely not for everyone.
  • 1 stars What a strange movie! Not at all what I expected. Disappointing.
  • 3 stars A good "art" movie. As "art" movies go, they are not suited to all tastes. A narrow view into the life and attitude of an highly skilled professional, dressmaker, that gets to be dominated by his muse. Doesn't that get you all excited? Daniel Day Lewis's performance is different from the other characters he has portrayed. His performance makes this movie; the other artists play very shallow characters. The question for you intellectuals that saw the film, is: Did you find the "phantom thread" of the story ?
  • 5 stars Daniel Day Lewis no less than epitomizes the character in each and every role he's ever played, including this one. All of the actors and actresses did an excellent job in their respective role. I found the first three quarters of the movie quite interesting and easy to follow. I admit, I thought the movie was heading in a different direction than where it ended up. And it was disturbing when I realized at the end that the story is about a strange, wierd, dysfunctional, unhealthy kind of relationship. I did not see this end coming (the last quarter of the movie). Like others have said, who doesn't know of a dysfunctional couple. Despite that, this movie was altogether interesting. And I enjoyed the clothes models scenes and production back office scenes depicting what it took to get high end designer outfits to very important customers. Daniel Day Lewis is convincing as a dressmaker. His acting was outstanding. This story does an excellent job developing the characters. I recommend this movie.
  • 5 stars It saddens me to see the bad reviews. Ok, its not a silly Hollywood movie with vulgar jokes but the characters and story is rich. It's about a beautifully dysfunctional couple and don't tell me you haven't met one of those!? Daniel Day-Lewis's acting is phenomenal. If I was an studying to be an actress, this is the only actor I would want to learn from.
  • 5 stars I'll give it a 5 but it not for everyone. Its weird and disturbing... but the characters are deep and Daniel Day-Lewis most definitely deserves an Oscar.
  • 1 stars If you look at how many theaters this movie is showing in, you get a pretty good idea of how well the production company thought it would do. One theater, one star, one week. You will find yourself wondering why you're in the theater as the story is weak and plods along for almost two hours which seemed much longer in reality. Good actors, but terrible story. Paint drying bad.
  • 1 stars Not a movie that you would want as your last picture before retirement, but so it goes. Phantom Thread is pointless. Phantom life perhaps? Phantom Plot? I always liked Daniel day Lewis but he picked a dud for his last hurrah.

Phantom Thread

Genre:  Drama
Running Time:  130 min.
Release Date:
January 5, 2018 - Toronto
January 19, 2018 - Wide
DVD: April 10, 2018
Blu-ray: April 10, 2018
Digital: March 27, 2018

Current rating: Rating: 3.17
based on 74 votes and 22 reviews
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Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lesley Manville, Vicky Krieps