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Current Rating: 3.48

Current Rating: 3.48

based on 1437 votes and 35 reviews

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  • I rented a kinda scratchy copy of the movie and I analyzed why the movie bombed. It's not the cast who are to blame nor the director. It was the damn scriptwriter--well, some parts of the storyline--who should be blamed and hanged. Christian Bale's role as Quinn was finely played as the leader of a small community hiding away from the dragons. I am surprised at Matt's role as Van Zan because it's sooo unlike him. A little bit of depth of the character would have done justice to Van Zan's role. Gerard Butler's role as Quinn's brave bestfriend Creedy provided comic relief and light tone to this quite very bleak and depressing movie. Now, the main reason why this movie bombed is that THE
  • Don`t think much of either Chris Bale or Matt McConaghy. Loved GB`s Creedy, though. A very lovable character. Too bad he died the way he did. I do enjoy movies like this. Liked the dragons
  • Not bad Gerard Butler was very believable. The American`s coming to the rescue gets in my nerves a bit. The dragons were awesome though, especially when one of them embraced the building as it breathed out fire.
  • The beginning was interesting, but afterwards everything just happened too quick and lost interest.... ok movie, should`ve beenworked n better
  • probably the most under-rated movie of the summer, one of the great park-your-brain-at-the-door and just have fun movies in a long time
  • a very cool movie
  • I enjoyed it even though most of it was shot in Ireland. I lived in England -- I don`t remember seeing any cliffs like those in Reign of Fire on any of my many trips to London.
  • where to start...not enough action for one thing;dragons wheren`t frightening enough;acting was alright for the financing;should their be a re-peat---NO(a good rental--thats it!!RENTAL)..CC
  • Dumb, boring and a little too cheesy!!
  • outrageuos stunts and death-defying romance emulated this masterpeice to superstardom with little turkey along the way for the poor

Reign of Fire

Genre:  Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Running Time:  100 min.
Release Date: July 12, 2002
DVD: November 19, 2002

Current rating: Rating: 3.48
based on 1437 votes and 35 reviews
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Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Izabella Scorupco, Gerard Butler