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Current Rating: 3.53

Current Rating: 3.53

based on 582 votes and 211 reviews

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  • 2 stars Absolutely boring. CGI was good but the storyline sucked.
  • 4 stars to say Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and star wars a force awakens were garbage films is ridiculous, did both have flaws of course but were far from bad movies, as for star wars new hope, empire strikes back and return of the Jedi their still the better films of the star wars saga, these new films are different No Doubt but that whole idea is not to make it the same as the original star wars to make it different and bring something new to the table rather the same old same old
  • 2 stars Acting was terrible, story was so so.
  • 3 stars I rate this as a not bad movie, but wouldn't give props to anybody that would rate it a low star as their reviews are just nit picking the ridiculous and their opinions don't hold water, the yo yos that just throw insults thumbs down to them, I guess people think they can make a better movie I would like to see them try, as the rogue one got generally positive reviews from movie critics as I think they know best
  • 3 stars It was underwhelming and boring. I am a fan of Star Wars, but this did not measure up.
  • 5 stars Way better than "The Force Awakens".
  • 5 stars I've been and always will be a Trekkie but you can't deny how great this movie is. Personally, I felt it started a little slow but it every movie needs to explain itself which is why I didn't knock a star. The acting is great, the action is great and the effects etc. are out of this world! In my opinion, this is one of the best Star Wars films to date. Disney is the, surprisingly, the best thing that happened to the franchise since the original trilogy. If you love sci-fi, you will love this movie... especially the last hour. Unbelievable ending and a great prequel. I can't wait for the next. Thank god they didn't let that greedy, slime ball Lucas near this film. lol
  • 1 stars Yet another sequel to a movie that should have had it's last sequel in 1983. instead of : A Star Wars Story, it should read : A Shameless Sequel Cashgrab.
  • 1 stars It is Ridiculous how many 5 Star ratings a Movie this poorly made is getting. As with many other Bad Movies, the reviews are disproportionately stacked with 5 stars. Look at an honestly reviewed, Better Movie and you will see the breakdown is completely different. The Original 3 were true 5 Star Movies, nothing since, in Star Wars has been close, a 3 Star at best. I would have given this 1/2 a Star if I could have.
  • Boring, in a word. The Poster should a picture of a Dairy Truck, since they are milking the franchise for all they can. Save your money and take a nap, better use of your time, it is that bad.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Genre:  Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Running Time:  133 min.
Release Date: December 16, 2016
Digital: March 24, 2017
DVD/Blu-ray/VOD: April 4, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 3.53
based on 582 votes and 211 reviews
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Cast: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Riz Ahmed, Forest Whitaker, Genevieve O'Reilly