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Current Rating: 4.21

Current Rating: 4.21

based on 3872 votes and 180 reviews

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  • Thrilling and exciting,but not as good as the original Saw!
  • Delivers gore,twists,and suspence "saw"-way...excellent movie!!
  • this was give it 3 and a half out of 5..when i gave saw 4 n a half ....let down from the 1st one...but it was still not as good as saw was pretty good in plot-wise and the the acting was good..bitta action..a LOT OF GORE...and i liked the twist..good movie..if u liked the first youll like this one
  • wasnt as good s the first one...but still awesome movie! lots of gore n blood,and i didnt suspect the twist..really entertaning..not scary..but thrilling and exciting
  • i love it better then 1.
  • I really enjoyed all the saw movies! I won`t watch any horror movie unless they are done by Maple. Maple needs to make more horror movies.. I can not wait till Saw 3! I hope they make more Saw movies! I haven`t seen Saw 3 yet.. but I know I`ll love it.. Way to go Maple!!!
  • Saw 2 was just plain awful. The supposed plot-twist at the end was totally unbelievable and ridiculous. It totally lost the suspense that the first one had. Avoid this sequel.
  • i really enjoyed the first saw,and i enjoyed this one too,but it wasnt as good as the first one(fist one has more twists,thrills, blood)..the 1st one bet saw 2 by far! but its an entertaning movie,not scary,but go see it!
  • I enjoyed Saw 2. I don`t think it`s better then the first though. The first one was original, and i found it more suspensful and twisting. There was alos a better character build in the first; in the second you don`t learn much about the people, except that they`ve all been framed and arrested. I thought the movie could`ve been better, but it was still very good. Yes it was gory, but what i love about the Saw series is that there`s a brilliant storyline to it, and it`s not just killing for the sake of killing like in other horror movies.
  • saw 2 was faboulous,i really enjoyed it.good twist,and it was way better than the 1st one.very,very gory doe

Saw II

Genre:  Horror, Thriller
Running Time:  93 min.
Release Date: October 28, 2005
DVD: February 14, 2006

Current rating: Rating: 4.21
based on 3872 votes and 180 reviews
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Cast: Donnie Wahlberg, Shawnee Smith, Tobin Bell, Franky G., Glenn Plummer, Dina Meyer, Emmanuael Vaugier, Beverley Mitchell, Eric Knudsen