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User review rating: 1 May 09, 2021

I've watched many, many bad films, yet never used the word ridiculous. This movie is just that. (And for the two that criticized the part about her (Chloe's) are issue - she had it in a sling to hide the gun. If you're gonna be haten, at least get it accurate. lol)

User review rating: 1 April 21, 2021

Surprised a studio would fund such trash.... acting non existent and the plot is stupid. Gets on a plane with an arm in a sling from a injury, but can crawl around under a wing in flight with no issues.... who writes this garbage

User review rating: 1 January 19, 2021

Terrible acting & not even entertaining (can't select anything lower than a 1 star) . Non stop annoying screaming from Chloe (lead) and this is not even a horror or action movie. Chloe gets on a plane with a hurt arm (in a sling) but then can crawl on the underneath of the wing (while at 15,000 ft) with her arm - are you kidding - who writes this stuff? Horrible (no - Stupid) writing and plot - absolute waste of time.

User review rating: 5 January 02, 2021

Kind of stupid but fun to watch once the action kicks in

User review rating: 1 January 01, 2021


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