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User review rating: 4 September 26, 2010

Quite good ... saw it on Friday night, and nice to see it getting good reviews from the Tribute fam' ^ good story ^

User review rating: 5 September 23, 2010

Fun and involving movie. You really root for the characters. Unpredictable. Kept my interest thoughout.

User review rating: 4 September 21, 2010

Great movie!

User review rating: 4 September 20, 2010

Loved it

User review rating: 4 August 13, 2010

The new film Soul Kitchen is german/greek with subtitles was quite enjoyable, even if i had to read the subtitles. The characters are real , dynamic and most are believable the way their lives intertwine to a point that you get the feeling of who they are, the sites are beautiful, interiors and exteriors, although in industrial area, they feel warm and cozy after some time -- l recommend this movie to everyone who would like to go to the movies just for a few hours of fun and who needs some hope about their life , basically its for anyyone who would like to watch something different in the cinema besides all the hollywood blockbuster

User review rating: 4 July 30, 2010

Soul Kitchen may ultimately be a little unfulfilling, inconsistent and predictable but the moments and aspects that do work overall make it a film worth experiencing

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