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Current Rating: 2.61

Current Rating: 2.61

based on 94 votes and 39 reviews

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  • 2 stars I found this movie lacked a good story line. Slow and boring.
  • 1 stars The drive to redefine everything in feminist terms marches on, so now we get yet another needless remake; this time from Sofia Coppola. The source material is idiotically betrayed and the film is a wrong-headed and poorly shot bore. Must-miss!
  • 1 stars expected more with the actors that are in this movie, very boring
  • 1 stars Completely stupid. Would be nice if they used some lighting, couldn’t see the actors faces whenever it was an indoor scene
  • 1 stars This is what happens when a director is not as bright as the author who wrote the book she's basing her movie on. Coppola completely missed what the book was about. This movie is an appalling adaptation and I feel sorry for the actresses who were involved. Corporal John McBurney was made into a sympathetic character! And the women were witches, how does a female director misinterpret a story so that women look bad and the evil man looks good? From a book written by a man to illustrate that men are tricky and you can't believe everything they say? What a travesty.
  • 3 stars Miss Martha should have been played by Kathy Bates, as this movie had a Misery-esque quality to it. The movie is OK, but it's nothing over-the-top by any means. I mean, Colin Farrell was acting as an American Northern soldier during the US Civil War, but he did not even try to change his Irish accent which was rather odd.
  • 5 stars Excellent acting by all cast! Beautiful sets with very moody cinematography that captures the precarious situation that the house occupants are in! I think the female viewpoint that Sophia creates works so well with this script!
  • 3 stars Miss Martha should have been played by Kathy Bates, as the movie had a "Misery-esque" vibe to it. Long and mostly boring though, unlike Misery
  • 1 stars Boring
  • 1 stars Not much happens in this show. Even the death scene almost put me out of my myself.

The Beguiled

Genre:  Drama, Thriller
Running Time:  94 min.
Release Date: June 30, 2017
DVD: October 10, 2017
Blu-ray: October 10, 2017
Digital: September 26, 2017

Current rating: Rating: 2.61
based on 94 votes and 39 reviews
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Cast: Elle Fanning, Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Oona Laurence