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Current Rating: 3.55

Current Rating: 3.55

based on 1144 votes and 63 reviews

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  • I seldom watch movies more than once; but this film stood up well to several viewings. It is a more than just a typical Hollywood movie, in that it touches on some of today's fatal flaws in world politics, and is terrifyingly accurate with regard to the scruples of some multinational drug corporations.
  • I found it slow-paced. There was a great story and great acting, but there was barely any climax in this movie. If your looking for an action-packed spy-game then dont come here. 3 stars
  • Great Acting,,,sad ending....
  • I enjoyed the story, however, if I were not such a fan of Ralph F. and Rachel W., I would have given up long before the ending. I had the volume turned up as loud as possible but I still missed a significant amount of the dialogue due to the mumbling and heavy accent. I was able to figure out the gist of the movie without the dialogue, but it was quite disappointing to not know what was being said.
  • very confusing...and good fer nothing
  • Not surprising to read some of the negative comments regarding the Constant Gardener. Sometimes films that make you think about the world you are living in are not the most popular, especially ones that make you think about critical issues of the day (i.e. Africa and corporate colonialism). The Constant Gardener is great film on many levels, significance of the story, acting, beautifully shot, that will hopefully inspire more film-makers, directors and actors to get involved and help tell stories as socially and politically important. The exposure that Africa receives from this film is long overdue.
  • Here`s the deal. I had to work waaaayyy too hard to keep my attention on this. If I had watched a documentary on this same subject, it would have been easier to follow, more informative and almost certainly more entertaining. Because when I fork over $10 or more, I want some entertainment value. If I have to work as hard as I did to follow this movie, then maybe it`s the filmmaker who should pay me!
  • Intellectually challenging, yes. You needed to concentrate 100% on what was happening and being said and even then, it was impossible because people mumbled things and spoke in whispers and music overpowered the dialogue. Plus, it was shown out of order in the beginning, without even attempting to make it clear what was a flashback, what happened recently and what was happening now. Then, when we were caught up, they showed the SAME SCENE AGAIN! You know what, I saw that scene about an hour earlier, no need to show it again, my memory`s not that bad.
  • Bad and boaring.
  • this movie started out a bit slow but as it evolved it was so like nothing i have seen before it had a slow beating heart till the last few chapters which heated it up into a really good story (if only love was really like that eh? girls LOL)and it made me want to book a flight to africa

The Constant Gardener

Genre:  Drama, Thriller
Running Time:  128 min.
Release Date: August 31, 2005
DVD: January 10, 2006

Current rating: Rating: 3.55
based on 1144 votes and 63 reviews
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Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz, Danny Huston, Bill Nighy, Pete Postlethwaite, Gerard McSorley