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Current Rating: 3.23

Current Rating: 3.23

based on 61 votes and 14 reviews

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  • Great movie!!!
  • I don't know if it is possible for someone to get sucked into an escalotor but just the way everyone dies was too creative for its own good that it seemed totally unreal. And it was so annoying too. Everytime there was a foreshadowing, it didn't get me excited at all, but made me think "just hurry up and die already"
  • This is quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. They were clearly banking on the 3D technology (which was cool) to distract from the lack of a decent story. Unfortunately, they failed miserably.
  • i hated it! tghe plot was boring, irony galore. the makers basically relied on the 3-d aspect... well, the 3d didnt work. every one in the theater took the glasses off because there was no point in watching a blurry movie with sunglasses.
  • O.K. Seriously this movie was crap! and this coming from a guy who loves these kind of movies!..Lame,lame,lame...nothing new,no originality at all, acting was less than mediocre. CGI was awful....The only reason this movie is making money is because of the 3D, if it was just a 2D movie believe me it would tank. I feel utter disgust for allowing myself to contribute another 12.50 to the profit of this absolutly horrendous film.
  • 3 star is good but not my fevorite
  • it was good but not great the others were better than this one this one
  • as a fan of final destination movies I was greatly disappointed with this one. the acting wasn't great, the movie had none of the intrest of the other ones. the foreshadowing wasn't as engaging and i felt nothing for the characters. they seemed to rely on the 3D to carry the film.
  • Incredible movie. 3D effects were astounding. Better than the last two, but the first one still is the best.
  • Shallow, predictable, totally lacking in the mood and suspense of the first 3 movies. The 3-D effects were basically an effect looking for a movie. There were lots of laughs from the audience - and I don't think the director intended comedy. The dialogue, especially for the security guard character, seemed to reflect the best efforts of a junior high class project. Maybe wait for the DVD to go on sale for less than $5, but don't keep it on the same shelf as the original 3 as it may cause them to spontaneously erase due to embarassment.

The Final Destination 3D

Genre:  Horror, Thriller
Running Time:  81 min.
Release Date: August 28, 2009

Current rating: Rating: 3.23
based on 61 votes and 14 reviews
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Cast: Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten, Mykelti Williamson, Nick Zano, Haley Webb