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Current Rating: 3.62

Current Rating: 3.62

based on 346 votes and 31 reviews

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  • i was little confused by this movies right from the beginning, I LOVE JOHNNY!!!!. but that movie was a ittle to dark for me , but just because he was in that all that mattered. His performance was outstanding, no matter what he does, you won`t find an anctor that is as versitiale as he is and he will do a movie that he knows that is going to effect people. not caring for what people think.
  • Depp and Malkovitch! How can you lose??? You KNOW its going to be full of intense entenres, and you need to be sharp witted to drink it all in... Lavish and luscious!
  • i found this movie very interesting and deep. the performences were what is is expected when faced with excellence. i felt while watching this film, the way it was presented drew you into the kaotic state of the earl.. the morals and (if you like) karma were brilliantly explained. i thoroughly enjoyed this film.
  • Couldn`t make it through the first 45 minutes. Boring, boring, boring. Not at all thought provoking, nor providing anything of substance. Waste of a talented cast.
  • Johnny Depp`s performance is intense, stunning and deeply profound. No actor today puts as much of his/her soul into a role as Mr. Depp. I sincerely hope that come Oscar time the Academy sees fit to nominate him for his wonderful portrayal in Libertine and honors itself by awarding him an Academy Award. Novody deserves it more.
  • Terrible movie. The talents of Johnny Depp, John Malkovich, and Samantha Morton are completely wasted. Not sexual at all, despite the build-up. Horribly edited.
  • In the words of John Wilmot:The people who hate you fall in to two categories the stupid and the anvious. I find this saying to be too true in the jugement of this movie. You such as hate it or love it. The people who love it will love it forever. It is usually a lack of understanding in the significance of this movie that causes some people to hate it. Given time they will understand the ethical and moral meaning behind Rochester`s actions and writings. Afterwards, whether they agree or not with the Earl`s way of thinking, they will have no choice but to appreciate this movie, not for the actors (though I must say Jonny did do a bang-up job)
  • The Libertine in my opinion, is a wonderful movie, its` genre and appeal reminded me a lot of Les Miserables, which I absolutely loved. Like Les Miz, The Libertine is at times depressing, excessively raunchy, murky, filthy (in more ways than one!) but also, like Les Miz, full of more "meat" than a 2 ton elephant. For those who consider themselves literary affectionados and enjoy a good "meaty" story that you can really get your teeth into-, this book is a veritable feast! There are so many plots and turns, relationships and little "stories" within the story that it is a treasure trove for those who may be looking deeper than just the su
  • All I can say is that any movie with Johnny Depp is guarranteed to be good.
  • I can only think of one friend that I would recommencd this movie to. It is definitely not for everyone. However, I was enthralled from beginning to end. Johnny Depp is in a league of his own. It is a travesty that this amazing actor does not have an Oscar yet. What does he have to do?

The Libertine

Genre:  Drama
Running Time:  119 min.
Release Date: March 10, 2006
DVD: July 4, 2006

Current rating: Rating: 3.62
based on 346 votes and 31 reviews
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Cast: Johnny Depp, John Malkovich, Samantha Morton, Rosamund Pike, Kelly Reilly, Tom Hollander, Johnny Vegas, Jack Davenport, Francesca Annis